Geography and Sustainable Development School President

Hi, I’m Rhiannon and I’ll be your school president for the 2019/20 academic year!

Hi, I’m Rhiannon and I’ll be your school president for the 2019/20 academic year!

I’m a fourth year MA Geography student and have also taken modules in Sustainable Development, Management and Spanish. I have loved my three years as a student in SGSD, so whether you’re part of the school for one semester or many to come, my goal as SP is to ensure other students continue to have the same great experience! 


I’m here to represent you and be your main student voice for inputting your views within the school. If you have any feedback, thoughts or ideas for SGSD - both academic and social - please feel free to contact me or your class reps. You can also use the feedback boxes on the third floor of the Irvine Building - particularly if you’d like to remain anonymous.


In order to keep you up to date with what’s going on in the school, I’ll be sending an email each week to all SGSD students. This will contain information about any academic activities and social events brought to my attention by the school or relevant societies. 


You can also join the SGSD Facebook group for updates, and feel free to post anything of relevance yourself on here too! In addition to this, the school has a Facebook page run by the lecturers and a website which share interesting information about research and trips within SGSD.  Both the Geography Society and Sustainable Development Society have pages too, so go ahead and like these to find out when they’re hosting events.


I hope you have a fantastic year and feel free to contact me on Facebook or email rkp3 or geosdpresident!