English School President

Hi English students, I'm Ellen and I'm president of the School of English for the year 2017/18!

Hi English students, I'm Ellen and I'm president of the School of English for the year 2017/18!

I'm a final year student, studying for a joint degree in English and Classical Studies. I'm very excited to be president of your school this year. I'm here to be a listening ear and a voice to communicate your thoughts and opinions to the faculty members, as well as organise socials and careers events for you. This year I look forward to chairing our Staff Student Consultative Committee with a team of dedicated class representatives, as well as sitting on a number of committees as a representative of our student body. In my time at St Andrews I've reaped the benefits of the guidance of our exceptional teaching staff in the school, as well as the wide and varied choice of modules and reading we are fortunate to have. I want to ensure that all students get the full benefit of these resources, and have an opportunity to improve and expand their own learning. I also want to add more opportunities for English students to socialise with one another and welcome opportunities to collaborate with societies. I also hope to work on building careers resources for English students, particularly in the oft-neglected fields of creative writing, journalism and media, as well as in the more established fields pursued by English students. 

Whether you are a first-year looking for some guidance or a fourth-year with dissertation gripes- or you just want to chat about books- feel free to get in touch. And you can always contact me at either englishpresident@st-andrews.ac.uk or ew56@st-andrews.ac.uk.

 You can keep up with student life and events in the School of English by joining either of these two Facebook groups.



I also recommend checking out societies such as Mermaids, Inklight and The Saint newspaper, which are all very popular with English students.