Graduation and Summer Ball ticket sales 

We changed the purchasing procedure for our Graduation and Summer Ball tickets this year so that initially only graduating students were able to purchase tickets.  The process worked really well and hopefully will appease graduating students who previously felt they missed out. The tiered ticketing system has diluted the Graduation Ball hype slightly but with the headline act being announced shortly the buzz surrounding the event will quickly increase and the remaining few tickets will sell-out immediately.

Broadway Bop

The Bops' themes have continued to add interest to our Friday night.  Nights have ranged from pop music to musicals, Broadway Bop being a great example.  To celebrate 1000 likes on their Facebook page the Just So Society collaborated with us to create the event.  We also received Hugh Jackman tickets from Molson Coors to give away as a prize at this event which helped boost it - over 130 people commented on the original social media post. 

Education, Wellbeing and more

Teaching and Proctor’s Award

The Teaching Awards Ceremony which was organised by the Director of Education, Alice and the University happened last Monday.  It was a great event to celebrate the excellent teaching and work! 

The Proctor’s Award presentation also took place during this ceremony (this is a joint award with the University of St Andrews Proctor's Office).  It was presented to Sophia Rommel from the department of Philosophy for her outstanding contribution to enhancing learning and teaching!


Societies and Activities


PRIDE St Andrews took place on the 20th April.  The event is Fife's longest running PRIDE event.  It celebrated love, diversity and identity.  Organised by Saints LGBT+ subcommittee the parade commenced from our building around town.

Parker Hansen, Students’ Association LGBT+ Officer, said: “LGBT+ pride events are the only times that we, as a community, step out and say to the world that we are here, in public spaces. Pride is also important as a protest, to remind the world that even if St Andrews is a relatively accepting place, there is still so much work to be done to make sure that being proud to be LGBT is no longer a radical act.

We hold it here in St Andrews because we believe that to participate in a Pride parade is a uniquely powerful experience that everyone should have the chance to experience. Many students spend Pride month, June, at home in small towns or are unable to attend pride parades because of unaccepting families.

The point of a Pride parade is to come together as an LGBT+ community regardless of where we are from, how old we are, or how long we plan on staying to show our beautiful diversity to the world.”

photo credit: Noa Lee

Society Awards

The ninth annual Society Awards took place on the 25thApril.  There were ten awards presented to societies who demonstrated excellence over the past year.  There were a variety of categories from Most Innovative to Most Green soceity, awards were self-nominated and selected by a panel. 



Updates in and around the building

Productions and Performances

In the month of April alone we had approximately 17 productions in the building.  From dance performances to musicals to full theatre productions, these were either stand-alone productions such as Macbeth or part of a bigger programme like On The Rocks. Often there were fast turn-arounds to allow for evening events and other events happening in the space such as vintage fashion fairs, Open Days for incoming students or Alumni events!   Below are some photos taken during On the Rocks highlighting examples of work within the building.

Photo credit: Lightbox St Andrews

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