Refreshers' Week 2019 was crammed with a variety of events, photos can be found here and our Refreshers' Fair was the perfect end to the  week with over 200 stalls filling every corner of the building. 

Click on the image below to see what we're up to in Semester 2 or if you'd like a physical booklet they're availabe at reception.


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Survey results

Congratulations to Megan Rice who won spa tickets to the Old Course Hotel and Spa after completing our short survey in December.  We take student feedback really seriously.  Below is a list of some of the things we've done as a direct result of survey feedback from the last couple of years:

  • Water fountain on the top floor
  • More gluten free and vegetarian options are now available in Rector’s and Main Bar Diner
  • More daytime relaxation events such as doggy de-stress
  • Public vote for a bop theme (we're doing this again this year)
  • Change in the format of the sabbatical email
  • More sockets in Rector’s Café
  • Clearer room booking process (please see our guide below)


If you'd like to see more indepth results from our latest survey please email sadesign@.


Maisie Williams

We recently had an amazing collaborative event with the University hosting Maisie Williams, star of Game of Thrones at St Andrews.  She spoke to students about her new app “Daisie” .  Jamie, DoSDA did an amazing job of co-ordinating the event and said: 

“… There is a thriving community of student performing arts societies at St Andrews. Maisie is an international star and can help to inspire our students who are interested in a career in the performing arts.”

This is certainly true, over 800 tickets sold out within an hour!



Nick, DoWell is already into the swing of Election publicity.

You can also follow the Elections page here: @saelectofficial.


societies and activities

The Charities Campaign have done it again. Another incredibly organised group have co-ordinated a terrific event that saw teams race from St Andrews to Munich. So far they've raised over £40,000 and that total is increasing by the day!  Well done to everyone involved in competing and organising this great event.



updates in and around the building

Rector’s Café as you all know is a community café open to all and a safe space for anyone to enjoy. Students, staff and local people as well as many tourists frequent our sun filled seats.  

We frequently get asked where the name “Rector’s Café” comes from so we thought we better explain.  In 1858 the first modern Rector was appointed and ever since, every three years students vote to elect a successor who is completely independent and external to the University and represents the student community, as a result the role of Rector and the Students’ Association are closely interlinking and it’s a relationship and tradition that we’re very proud of. 

In our café not only have we been sprucing it up with new chairs, tables and extra sockets.  We've also added a little bit of information about the Rectors of St Andrews past and present by creating a timeline featuring all previous Rectors with information about the role of Rector and their Drag.  In addition we’ve updated our table numbers so they now feature some of the more recent Rectors’ with photos and descriptions.  


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