Booking the Barron

To book The Barron please consult the Barron calendar below and then click 'Book the Barron' at the bottom of the page. We will programme events into the Barron at the start of semester two. Submitting an application does not guarantee you a slot in the Barron. If you are using the Barron you will be expected to attend a Barron meeting and provide a comprehensive risk assessment two weeks before your proposed hire. Prices for hire are listed below the calendar, although they may be subject to change over the winter break. 

If you have any queries email

The space is bookable by student societies and external groups. The Barron regularly homes theatrical performances, workshops, screenings, art exhibitions, photo-shoots, presentations, classes, workshops and acoustic gigs.


Click here to view the Barron calendar.


Charge for Hire

Includes ticket printing and box office for ticketed events