Your Union building is being redeveloped over the next 3 years. The building remains in use during this time so all our events, activities and representation will continue.

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A major redevelopment of our Student's Association building over the next three years is set to deliver an exceptional new theatre and music facilities, a range of new bar spaces, and a modern headquarters for our societies, representation facilities and campaigns. The first changes you will see are the opening of our new shop and cafe on the front of the building in early 2014. 

The £12 million redevelopment will provide a full renovation, increased space, an aesthetic overhaul and facilities capable of meeting our student body. The footprint for the building will remain the same, but we are improving our events venues by creating both a nightclub and a performance space. 

This is all a 'live build' - meaning that certain sections of the building are undergoing work, while the rest of the building remains open. The Union will remain open throughout the redevelopment. Even though there is a compound in the car park, it doesn't mean our doors are closed or our events have stopped. This obviously creates some restrictions on what we can offer, and we'll keep you updated on how this affects student groups (for example when there is restricted society space). Don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how this might affect you.

Below is the phasing of work:

Phase 1 Front of the building: Retail shop and Coffee shop Closed during Semester One. Re-open Spring 2014
Phase 2 Main Bar Closed from 21st December, throughout the first semester. Reopens August 2014
Phase 3a Top Floor Society space Closed Semester One 2014
Phase 3b Middle Corridor Office space Closed Semester One 2014
Phase 4 Venue 1 being turned into performance space and nightclub Closed Semester Two 2015
Phase 5 Landscaping - concluding outside work Ends August 2015