Why Does The SRC Matter?

The SRC has been the legally-recognized body for student representation at the University of St Andrews since 1889, which means when the SRC votes to support a cause or take an action it is doing so on behalf of the students of St Andrews.

What does SRC even stand for? The letters SRC stand for Students’ Representative Council; it’s the body at the Union directly responsible for student representation. Every year the students who sit on the SRC must be elected by their peers, the students choose the people who they want representing them to the community, the university, and the country. Currently 29 members sit on the SRC, 27 of them were elected by the students in the March elections. So why does any of this matter? Why should you be aware of the SRC?

For starters, the SRC is the most important tool that students have for representation. You elect us on the basis that we will fight to improve your time in St Andrews and ensure that everyone has an equal voice. On top of that you trust us to speak with your collective voice. It’s a big responsibility, but we can work together to make sure that we maintain the highest standard of representation; if you believe there is an issue that requires attention let us know. There are members that cover everything from accommodation to wellbeing to external campaigns. If you have a problem let us help you address it!

Just last year we adopted a zero tolerance policy on harassment and discrimination in order to ensure that all Union properties are a safe space regardless of who you are. Last year we created the employability subcommittee to help put on more career events and to liaise with CAPOD and the careers centre so that we can make it easier for students to find jobs. Our wellbeing officer and our sabbatical officers work with the University and the Town to make sure that Raisin is fun and safe for everyone. There is a lot that we are capable of, but the nature of a union is that the more people who take an interest the more powerful it becomes.

That’s where you come in; all of our meetings are open to the public. We have an open forum portion where any student can come and speak on any issue on the agenda or anything that is bothering them which they feel we should be addressing. Students can even bring petitions to the Councils and all it takes is an idea and 25 signatures! The SRC can be whatever the students of St Andrews want it to be, and we want to hear from you so that we can do everything in our power to make sure your representational needs are covered. If you’re curious about any aspect of the SRC all it takes is a quick email to the appropriate officer or the DoRep to find out what you want to know.