Leon: Why The Union Matters To Me

My involvement in the Union till this year had been somewhat periphery; I was heavily involved in the events put on in the Venues but did not see how this connected to the rest of the services our Students’ Association provides. I suppose like many others I saw the union as that last place to go on a night out because it was open the latest and served the cheapest drinks.

While these points still remain relevant, I was most intrigued by what the union can provide on the front of entertainment. I was incredibly excited and genuinely pleased when a previous DoES allowed me to create my own comedy show and saw from this point onwards that the union can be a place to try new things and allow students to put on the events that they want! Becoming DoES has allowed me to interact with students by giving them the best Freshers’ Week I could muster, and interact with an internal system I must admit I was very ignorant of prior to my appointment.

What amazes me daily is just how much interest people have and just how much the Students’ Association actually does for our students. From sitting in an SRC where we spend an hour debating one simple point simply to better represent our students, to the constant stream of information our omnipresent DoREP, Pres and DoSDA’s have to deal with on a daily basis. If I’m truly honest it bores me to tears sometimes but it is truly incredible to think that student life; from library opening times and society funding, to nights out and accommodation issues, all come under one building and are so passionately debated by students just like the ones we represent.

The great thing about our Union is that the entire process from the ground up is run by people, not looking for profit but for students’ needs. The entire system thrives on interested students and is headed by a sabbatical team that really cares (or at least I pretend to – hehehe).


Written by Leon O'Rourke - Director of Events & Services