Anna: Why The Union Matters To Me

If I'm completely honest, when I became head of Music is Love I didn't realise how much the position was involved with the Union: I was in Music is Love because I liked putting on gigs and seeing new musicians and I liked our committee, the extent to which I would work with the Union was a side issue. However as time progressed it became clear to me just how dependent we are on the supportive network provided by The Union. Not only are we financed by it, but we rely so much on the advice, facilities and structure it provides and would be lost without it. The Union is here to support student endeavors and to help you realise your ideas, an idea that I hope will be made clear by this campaign.

I've begun to enjoy the SSC meetings and have made many good friends with pro-active students volunteering for the Union. Generally the people you meet are very passionate about what they do and it's always refreshing to meet a group of people who are so committed to their societies and the work of the students.

As an ideological structure I believe The Union is essential to the student body and I hope that through this campaign students will realise what they can do with the support the Union is there to offer. I hope they will learn how to take advantage of those opportunities and push for more representation and more events!

I've continued to be involved in the Union because I like the structure it gives us and because I love Music is Love and think it can flourish best with the support of the Union.

If you want to know more about Music is Love or are interested in getting involved feel free to get in touch

Written by Anna Merryfield - SSC Music Officer