The Association employs several permanent staff to assist the Sabbaticals, SRC and SSC with achieving the Association's goals and aims. Most of these staff work alongside the Sabbaticals on the Middle Floor of the Association building. 

Check out the list below for contact details for our staff members. If you'd like to speak to them by phone, please call (01334 46) 2700 and our General Office will put you through if they are available. 



David Whitton, General Manager

In charge of all permanent staff, Dave is charged with ensuring the smooth running of the day to day operations within the building and helping to facilitate strategic developments within the Association.



Jillian Cowan, Management Accountant & Deputy General Manager

Jillian is in charge of the Cash Office and is responsible for the creation of budgets at the beginning of the academic year and keeping us appraised of the figures throughout. 


Bruce Turner, Building Supervisor

The Building Supervisor's job is large and varied. Bruce ensures that the facilities within the building are in tip top shape and that the activities going on within the building are safe - particularly during the redevelopment!



Phil Hulse, Deputy Building Supervisor

As Bruce's deputy, Phil carries out many of the tasks that Bruce would also handle. Phil has specific responsibilities for porters and door staff.





Susan McCulloch, Bar Manager

Talk to Susan for all things drink related.




Iain Cupples, Human Resources/Education Advocate

Iain is one of many people within the Association wearing two hats. Charged with Human Resources, he keeps the organisation up to date with employment duties. In his other role, he advocates for students facing academic issues with the University.


Christine Miller,  PA to General Manager, Administrator / Clerk to Students' Association Board

Christine's main role is PA to the general manager along with being the Association's main administrator and Clerk to the Association Board.


Rachel Hughes, Design & Marketing Manager

Rachel manages the many and varied design and marketing needs for the Association. From promoting weekly events to getting new and exciting companies to visit the Union. She is also there to help with speciality printing. If you would like to advertise with us please click here for more information.



Sam Robertson, Catering Manager

Sam deals with all things food so if you have a question drop her an email.


Chris McCue, Reception

Chris works the front line in          Reception, and is likely to be the first face you'll see when you walk into the building. Chris can help with finding your way around the building, room bookings and general enquiries.