The Director of Representation (DoRep) is responsible for advocating on issues such as education, equal opportunities and welfare, and democracy.

The Director of Representation (DoRep) is responsible for advocating on issues such as education, equal opportunities and welfare, and democracy.


Hello, my name is Jack Carr, I was elected by the student body in March 2016 as Director of Representation. Prior to my election I was the School President for History, as well as serving on the Wellbeing committee, Community Relations committee and the Charities Campaign.

In this exciting new role, I am responsible for a wide-ranging portfolio covering all matters affecting your education, your wellbeing, and ensuring all students here are given equal opportunities regardless of their background. I have responsibility for the Students' Association's democratic processes, including Class Representative elections in September and the main elections in March. Finally, I am a full member of the both the Students' Association Board of Trustees and I am a governor on the University Court.

That's a little bit about me and what I do; there's more information about my role as DoRep in the sections below. Please feel free to stop by my office at the middle floor of the Union or contact me via the links below if you have any questions.

twitter: @StADoRep



As the education sabb, I lead our SRC Education Team, and I also train and support the 22 School Presidents, and 350+ Class Representatives on both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. As the Director of Representation, I work closely with the Proctor's Office and other University staff and act as the senior student representative on around 40 University committees (such as the Learning & Teaching Committee, or the Academic Monitoring Group).

My main education priorities for this year are the library redevelopment and ensuring that it is up to the standard that students desire, campaigning for increased provision and quality of study spaces, investigating and improving how we support students who face extenuating circumstances while at University, and enhancing learning and teaching at St Andrews.

I am also very much looking forward to organising the Students' Association Teaching Awards in Semester 2 that were launched to recognise and reward the excellent teaching and learning that happens in St Andrews.


Student Wellbeing

In my focus on student wellbeing, I support the SRC Wellbeing Committee and cover a wide range of topics, including personal safety, sexual health, physical health and mental health. I ensure that all students have access to free contraception, lube, and attack alarms through the Students' Association.

We work together with Nightline, Student Minds, and other student groups to increase Students' Association activities in promoting positive mental health. Several of our student officers have also been trained in Scotland's Mental Health First Aid. In semester two we shall be hosting Mental Health Awareness Week, featuring high profile speakers from across the UK.

This year, we are reviving Sexual Health Awareness Week and will work closely with Student Services to increase the provision of Sexual Health Clinic. Hopefully we will be able to double the provision of appointments for the coming year.

I would like to showcase events that the Students' Association and its affiliated socities put on that do not focus upon the consumption of alcohol. Many students either permanently or temporarily avoid alcohol for religious, health or personal reasons, and I feel it is important that we advertise appropriate events to all students.

I'm working very closely with Student Services to ensure that our students have all the support they need in order to succeed during their time at St Andrews. If ever you need to just have a chat feel free to stop by my office, my door is open. 


Equal Opportunities

As part of equal opportunities, I support the Equal Opportunities Committee and the LGBT Society. This year I am extremely excited to be hosting a "Breaking through the Glass Ceiling" event in semester two, where we shall be inviting some of our most successful female academics to discuss their careers and how they overcame adversity in the academic sector to reach professorial status. St Andrews has been making great progress on this issue, but there is still a long way to go before we have true equality.

This year, Saints LGBT will be expanding Glitterball into a bigger and better event then ever before. After a record year last year where tickets sold out within two minutes, we look forward to a new venue and more glitter than ever before!

I am also very much looking forward to the second year of St Andrews Pride, which started last year. As a student from a small rural community in the North East of Scotland which only featured four houses, the community of St Andrews was a great support to me and I think its great that we can extend this welcome to our incoming LGBT+ students!



Last but certainly, not least, I'm also the democracy sabb within the Students' Association.  In this role, I organise the Class Representative, School President, SRC, SSC, and sabbatical elections every year. As part of this remit as well, I support the SRC generally in guidance and training.