staying safe

Although St Andrews is generally a very safe town for its students and residents, the Students' Association does provide a few tips on staying safe within the town.

You’ll want to keep your stuff safe. The first step is to make sure you consistently keep your door and windows closed when you’re not in and that you don’t give your PIN or passwords to anyone else. Another key part is getting contents insurance. If you live in halls, you’re already covered; however, if you’re renting in private accommodation, you’ll want to consider taking a program out.


The top three tips for bikes in St Andrews:
  1. Buy a good lock to prevent bike theft in town.
  2. Don’t ride your bike on the pavement or sidewalks – it’s illegal!
  3. You also need to have bike lights if you are going to use your bike at night.

Fire Safety

If you’re in rented accommodation, make sure you have working fire alarms – they’re a legal requirement.  Also, never play with fire safety equipment.  It’s not clever, and the University has a zero tolerance policy on it and could get you thrown out of halls.  If you’re in private accommodation, make sure you have a working smoke alarm and, if you have a gas supply, a carbon monoxide detector. If you don’t, call us at 0133446 2700.

The Cliffs

St Andrews has some of the prettiest coastline in Scotland, but between the water and the town are very steep cliffs.  Never try to climb or descend them.  There are generally plenty of high fences around public places, but there have been previous student fatalities.  Avoid them.

Police Scotland

You can contact the police for non-emergencies by dialling 101 or visiting the police station on Pipeland Road.  PC Leisa Metcalfe is the Fife Division University Liaison Officer for St Andrews who can help give you advice and assistance. You can contact her at
Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) is a free and confidential phone number you can use to report any criminal activity if you want to remain anonymous.
Student Safety Campaign Booklet (Police Scotland)