discipline and appeals

The University maintains an independent appeals process that students can use when they feel they have unfairly had their essay or exam graded, their studies terminated, or their permission to proceed revoked.  The first step is to reach out to your Head of School.  Beyond that, you have the right to appeal to the University Senate to consider your case.  To help students out with this process, the Students’ Association employs a full-time Education Advocate to support students directly. We also published a student guide to the appeals process.

If you are facing disciplinary proceedings from the University, we are here to help.  The discipline procedures can be confusing, as they often take a quasi-legal approach.  The Students’ Assocation can help you through the process and will help you during the preparation of defence.

Academic Alerts come to students in the form of an email from your module coordinator.  They can seem quite scary, but they’re meant to be supportive signposts for the faculty to point out a problem, like missing a deadline or tutorials, while remedies may still be available.  Talk to your Module Coordinator and follow up on the email if you ever get one.