StAge and Club 601 Closed

We are very sorry to report that  we have had  to close our venues Club 601 and the StAge in the Union at short notice, after a safety inspection raised concerns about the type of concrete used in the roof space. 

The roof was built many years ago using a type of lightweight, aerated concrete which has recently been the subject of concerns in the building industry about its lifespan and stability. 

In light of those concerns, the Students’ Association and the University instructed an immediate survey of the roof last week. Specialist contractors advised that we should remove access to the venues, and through an abundance of caution, the Association and the University decided to close the venues. Safety will always be our overriding priority.

Unfortunately, this means that no bookings and events can go ahead in the StAge or Club 601 for at least the remainder of the semester. If you had a booking in this space, the DoES will be in contact if they have not been already.   

We are aware this will have a big impact on our students, both event organisers and attendees, and we wish to emphasise that we are doing as much as we can to ensure as little of an effect is felt as possible.  We are working closely with the University to find alternative venues where possible. 

The rest of the Union will remain open as usual with no interruption to our weekly events calendar. All Union weekly events previously held in Club 601 will be hosted in Main Bar.   

We’ll keep you all regularly updated on developments and plans to fix the venue roof as soon as possible.