Athletic Union President

Hi! I'm Sophie Tyler, your Athletic Union President for 2020/21. I'm in charge of student sport at the university, encompassing club sport, recreational sport, national and international representation, as well as strategy and governance.


Athletic Union President 2020/21



About my role

I was elected by the student body to represent them across all sporting platforms, both within the University and across the national stage. The AU President oversees governance and strategy for student sport, and looks at the role of sport within the University.

This covers a range of issues, from competitive and recreational sport, to events and wellbeing. I have an office in both the Students' Association and the Athletic Union. Feel free to drop me an email or check out the website for more details!



The AU President oversees all governance and strategy of student sport within St Andrews. They advise and assist clubs when they have issues or need financial assistance. The AU President also assists with competitive sport within British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS), and Scottish Student Sport (SSS).


The AU President is involved with the Saints Sport recreation programmes such as Hall Sports. They also arrange the give-it-a-go sessions and the Sports Fayre in Orientation Week, allowing students to meet the clubs and get to know the sport if they are beginners.


The President provides assistance and advice to athletes at the highest level of sport, allowing them to continue their elite development in line with their academic studies.

External relations

University relations

The AU President sits on both the Athletic Union and Students' Association Boards, and liaises with the Director of Sport, making major decisions about how sport is run at the University.

National representation

The AU President represents the University within BUCS and SSS, as well as sports’ national governing bodies (NGBs).

Alumni and events

Alumni Festival Weekend

The AU President, along with the Saints Sport team, help to bring a programme of sport to the Alumni Festival Weekend in April, as well as hosting the nationally acclaimed Rugby 7s tournament, which sees 7s teams from all over the UK competing.


Working alongside their Dundee counterpart, the AU President plans the Dundee-St Andrews varsity matches which take place in semester 1 each year.


Working with the DoES and the AU Events Team, the AU President helps to plan and run the infamous sports-themed nights held in Club 601.