Russian Convenor

Hi! I'm Elodie Phillips, your Russian Convenor for 2020/21.


About me

I'm a fourth year student studying IR and Russian. I love studying modern Russia and the post-Soviet space as well as Russian literature, especially poetry. I can't wait to be your convenor next academic academic year as I've had such a positive experience with the department, and I would love to help others participate in the best possible way in Russian at St Andrews.

My main function will be to act as a liaison between students and staff, so please don't hesitate to contact me using the Russian Convener email (RussianConvenor@)

My goals for this year include: creating more resources for students in the Department, increasing the visibility of existing resources, boosting interest in Russian and Eastern European culture, and helping to create careers events to benefit those studying Russian.

I look forward to meeting with and working with you this year! Я желаю вам удачи в учёбе русского языка! Всего хорошего!