Postgraduate Academic Convenor

Sandro Eich chairs the Postgraduate Academic Representation system.

Sandro Eich chairs the Postgraduate Academic Representation system.

About my position

I represent postgraduate students at university level, line-manage the postgraduate class-representative system and ensure that matters concerning the postgraduate community will be heard and actively tackled by university management.  

In my work, I am particularly concerned with academic matters for which I sit on a plethora of university-wide committees. My goal for this year is to support the postgraduate officers and representatives as best as possible in their work concerning the cost-of-living crises, the St Andrews housing crises, or the implementation of additional mental health initiatives.  

About my position and why am I here?

My role is to increase and improve communication channels between postgraduate students, postgraduate representatives/officers, and university staff and management. I fulfil this task on different scales ranging from the School-internal representational system to the university-wide postgraduate representatives. I am also the first point of contact for your postgraduate presidents and officers concerning any questions that might need escalation to the University-wide level.

Your PGT and PGR Reps are always your first point of contact, but I too am always available to talk to you about any academic concerns regarding postgraduate business. Please feel free to email me anytime: [email protected]. I am also more than happy to schedule a face-to-face meeting if that is something you require.

About me

I am a third-year PhD student in English, researching narratives of whistleblowing in contemporary non-fiction, fiction, and mass media. After studying for my BA and MA in English Studies, Comparative Studies, and Linguistics & Phonetics at the University of Cologne, I moved to St Andrews in 2020 to embark on my PhD journey. At the University of Cologne, I was a voting member of the Learning and Teaching Committee and have founded the Students' Association for Comparative Studies.

Across my different roles as a PhD researcher, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Library Assistant, and Postgraduate Academic Convenor, I am concerned with and advocate for the ability of people to express their ideas in a safe environment. Aiming at developing peoples' creative potential and empowering critical voices is part of my personal philosophy which will also be a huge part of my term as PG AC.

Committee and Groups

I chair the PG Academic Forum. I sit on a wide variety of committees, including Academic Senate, Learning and Teaching Committee, Postgraduate Research Committee, Academic Monitoring Group, Education Committee, SRC, and the Postgraduate Development Forum. 

Previous holders

The position title was Postgraduate Convenor until 2016.

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Caroline McWilliams


2020/21 Abi Whitefield


2019/20 Abd Alsattar Ardati (co-opted)


2019/20 Emma Catherine Whitefield


2018/19 Ashley Clayton




2016/17 Euan Alexander Grant


2015/16 Tania Struetzel