Postgraduate Academic Officer

Hi! I'm Abi Whitefield, your SRC Postgraduate Academic Officer for 2020/21.


Abi Whitefield


About my position

My position entails representing postgraduate taught and research students at a university level, organising the postgraduate class representative system and basically ensuring postgraduate students have their voices heard at St Andrews! I mainly focus on academic matters and sit on a variety of university-wide committees in this role.

How my position affects you

My role affects students as I help to increase and improve communication channels between postgraduate students and staff. This can be on a School basis, by helping make sure the class representative system is effective, or on a university-basis, where I try and ensure postgraduate student views are heard on university committees. So far, I've helped the concerns of postgraduate students about the impact of coronavirus be communicated to the Provost, which has led to some positive changes for students.

About me

I'm originally from Suffolk, in the South East of England. I studied for my undergraduate degree here in Geography (2014-2018), and was involved in academic representation throughout. I then completed my MSc in Environmental Protection and Management at Edinburgh, before returning here to start my PhD.

My study focuses on perceptions of urban deer management in Scotland. I love the environment, theatre, and my two kittens, Strudel and Schnee. A fun fact about me is that I was an Olympic Torchbearer in 2012. I really wanted this position as I'm super passionate about academic representation. I believe it's essential student voices are heard. Over the past few years, postgraduate student representation has been pretty poor here, so I'm hoping to be able to improve the system.

Groups I lead

I chair the Postgraduate Executive Forums. I sit on a wide variety of committees, including Academic Council, Learning and Teaching Committee, Postgraduate Research Committee, Academic Monitoring Group, Education Committee, SRC, and the Postgraduate Development Forum.

Previous holders

The position title was Postgraduate Convenor until 2016.

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Caroline McWilliams

2020/21 Abi Whitefield

2019/20 Emma Catherine Whitefield

2018/19 Ashley Clayton


2016/17 Euan Alexander Grant

2015/16 Tania Struetzel