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SAF Ents Convenor

Hi! I'm Ryan Delaney, your Ents Convenor for 2020/21.

[email protected]

About my position

I help to organise the crew of volunteers that supports nearly all the major events taking place in the Students Union. I work with the event organisers and planners to gather technical requirements and to make sure that events go ahead without a hitch. In a general week, I make sure that we have people staffing the Bop and the range of events that take place in StAge and 601.

How my position affects you

Ents Crew backs up all the events you see and love in the Students Union ranging from Freshers and Refreshers Week through to the weekly club nights and everything in between. We liaise with Mermaids and the other performing arts societies working in the Students Association, charity committee via the CATWALK Fashion show and any other student run event in the main spaces.

About me

I'm a third year Computer Science student who joined the Ents Crew in my first year. I got passionate about theatre tech from that point forward and progressed to secretary and finally to this position this year. I want to make sure that theatre and event tech is available to anyone and that everyone feels like they can join and get the experience and training that I managed to receive.

Groups I lead

I lead Ents Crew. Check out our website, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.