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SAF Design Team Convenor

Hi! I'm Edward Spencer, your Design Team Convenor for 2020/21.

[email protected]

Design Team


About my position

My position involves overseeing all of the Design Team's activities, from photography and design training, to graphics and illustration projects, to photobooths and headshots, as well as our events and our supporting activities.

We are always looking for other opportunities to support and promote creativity within our community if you have ideas get in touch. To do this, I rely on and work to support a fabulous team of people in our Design, Photography and Services divisions, including leaders, secretary, training officers, marketers, treasurer, event coordinators, designers and photographers.

How my position affects you

We help students, societies, and subcommittees to build their creative visions through photography and design projects, as well as providing advice, resources and training sessions. We host events to promote and facilitate creativity throughout the year – follow us on Facebook and check out our website,, to find out more about these.

About me

I'm from Devon and Somerset, studying Computer Science and Management. I got involved in Design Team as a creative outlet and to do something that has a real effect on other students in the University.

Groups I lead

I'm the President of Design Team. Check out our website and Facebook for updates.

We are always looking for new members to join the fabulous team, we have classes and a mentorship scheme, so whether you want to get stuck into a project straight away or need some more support we have something for you. Want to know more? Get in touch with myself, our divisional heads, or one of the team!