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Community Relations Officer

Hi! I'm Anna Young, your SRC Community Relations Officer for 2020/21.

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Community Relations


About my position

My role as Community Relations Officer ensures that I am the primary point of contact at the Students' Association for local residents. My role involves sitting on the Students Representative Council and the Student Services Council as well as the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Town Council guaranteeing both students and local residents are given equal representation in decisions regarding life in St Andrews. This includes helping organise St Andrews Day, Community Relations Week and other collaborative town and gown events throughout the year.

How my position affects you

Everyone in St Andrews is affected by Town and Gown relations. The university could not function without the support of the local community, as students it is important to ensure the interrelationship between both parties remains strong.

About me

I am originally from Perth Scotland and I study Ancient History.

Groups I work with

I sit on Councils, and the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council

My manifesto pledges

In becoming the Students' Association's voice for town and gown relations, my aim will be to continue community interactions with commitment, positivity and co-operation.

My overarching aim is to guarantee both students and local residents are given equal representation in decisions by co-operating with both the Students' Association and the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council.

I will approach campaigns on behalf of the student body such as Raisin and May Dip seriously to ensure positive outcomes for local residents, breaking down issues of contention.

Broaden the diversity of events in Community Relations Week, running not only student based events but increasing collaborations with local primary schools and community initiatives in the build-up to St Andrews Day.

Ensure student representatives are more present within the community by involving the Community Relations subcommittee in weekly visits to nursing homes around the town. This will ensure engagement with all demographics of St Andrews. Small actions from my committee will help facilitate bonds of positive engagement.

Previous holders

Year Name Resources
2021/22 Rosanna Johnston

2020/21 Anna Young


2018/19 Morgan Morris

2017/18 Hannah Raleigh

2016/17 Aine Bennett

2015/16 Clare Armstrong

2014/15 Zara Evans

2013/14 Sadie Hochfield


2011/12 Chloe Hill