Chemistry School President

Hi! I'm Camiel Leake, your Chemistry School President for 2020/21.




About me

I am a final year MChem with external placement student, who grew up in Antwerp, Belgium. I really enjoy organic chemistry, music, parkour, and bread. As of writing this I am finishing up my year in industry at Roche Basel doing medicinal chemistry synthesis, this experience has been extremely rewarding. I am very much looking forward to being your president!

My job as School President will be to represent you, the students, within the school, along with the class reps (you should also run to be one btw). I will be your voice and act as a bridge within the faculty, so if there is anything you do (or don't like?) tell me! I am very grateful for the opportunities the school has offered me, and the community that us chemists have. As president I want to offer more of those opportunities and further foster the community. I want to work closely with ChemSoc (of which I am the VP of, weird flex I know), have guest lectures on a wide range of topics, and further develop internship and career events, to name a couple.

If you have any comments, feedback, concerns, (good memes) or anything else please do email me. You have elected me so you can send me emails and I will respond! You can get into contact with me through ChemistryPresident@

I am looking forward to working with and for all of you, and I hope you guys enjoy St Andrews and the school as much as I do.

I also work with the Chemistry Society President.

Useful link: Chemistry Intranet