Climate Strike on West Sands

In-Person Teaching Survey

September to October 2020

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Opt-Out Lecture Capture Policy

2019 to present

Aim: to pressure the University to implement a universal lecture capture policy, where lecturers would opt-out of their lectures being recorded, rather than the current opt-in system.

Key people:


Progress: motion to support an opt-out lecture capture policy passed unanimously through the Joint Councils. Campaign was disrupted due to strikes and coronavirus. Still ongoing.

Summer SAAS

Summer 2020

Aim: to lobby the Scottish Government to provide financial support to students in light of Covid.

Key people:

  • Jamie Rodney, Association President 2019/20
  • Dan Marshall, Association President 2020/21
  • Jenny Menday, Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer 2020/21
  • Liam McCabe (President, NUS Scotland)
  • Other Association Presidents: Amy Smith (Stirling), Matt Crilly (Strathclyde), Scott Kirby (Glasgow)
  • Student campaigners: Lottie Doherty, Moshe Dixon, Iona Fraser-Colins, Callum George, Vicky Tysoe, Jordan Cavell, Aiden Campbell, Catriona McVey, Callum George


Progress: Scottish Government did not bring forward SummerSAAS, but we did convince them to invest a further £11.3 million into Scottish Student Discretionary Funds


September 2019 to June 2020

Aim: to force Washstation (laundry provider at halls of residence) to reduce prices, improve services, and simplify its payment system.

Key people:

  • Jamie Rodney, Association President 2019/20
  • Senior Students of halls: Ryan Lunney (JBH), Chloe Fielding (Uni and Whitehorn), Victoria Briggs (McIntosh), Stella Maris (St Salvator's and Gannochy)
  • Student campaigners: Ferdia McKeogh, Maitreyi Tusharika, Papa Obeng, Alex Beckett, Dan Marshall, Mark Stewart, Maia Raikovic, Iman Farooqui, Andhrei George, Lucy Penman, Lewis O’Neil, Alicia Whitty.


Progress: Washstation agreed to change their website, give automatic refunds to anyone whose clothes were not washed, give bursaries worth nearly £3,000 to students, and offer a laundry membership scheme which let students pre-buy washes in bulk at a 40% discount. We also put in place an interest free loan that could be payed back in installments for students who couldn’t afford the up-front costs.

Anti-HMO fee increase

February 2020

Aim: oppose Fife Council (without consultation of students or locals) increasing the University HMO fee by 900%, which would have increased student rents, increased pressure on the local housing market, and set a precedent for further increases.

Key people:


Progress: after giving Fife Council significant negative coverage and getting Willie Rennie MSP, Wendy Chamerlain MP and Community Council to condemn the charges, Fife Council agreed to review them with a view to changing them.

Voter Registration for the 2019 General Election

September to December 2019

Aim: to increase student turnout in the 2019 General Election

Key people:

  • Jamie Rodney, Association President 2019/20
  • Camilla Duke, Rector's Assessor 2017-2020
  • Morgan Morris, JC Community Relations Officer 2019/20
  • Sophie Bickerton, Senior Student (ABH and Powell)
  • Prof. Rebecca Sweetman, Head of the School of Classics
  • Student campaigners: Lottie Doherty, Josh Samuels, Harry Stage, Missy Bolt, Jack Morris, Max Waller


  • 50 volunteers signed up in the voter registration and GOTV efforts. Coverage in The Record and The Stand.
  • Video organized by Morgan Morris featuring all political society heads.
  • Teams of students doorknocking and running street stalls, both on election day and prior to the voter registration deadline.

Progress: highest turnout and registration of students in North East Fife since Individual Electoral Registration began.

Universal Credit

2018 to present

Aim: to change the aspects of Universal Credit that negatively impacted on Scottish Students

Key people:


Progress: won the support of MSPs (Willie Rennie, Bob Doris, Daniel Johnson) and some MPs (Heidi Allen, Frank Field, Stephen Gethins, Wendy Chamberlain), but few material gains. Still ongoing.

GP Out-of-Hours service



Key people: