SSC Volunteering Officer

Hi! I'm Cara, your Volunteering Officer for 2020/21. I represent students within the Union on all matters relating to volunteering.


Cara Nicholson

About my position

As SSC Volunteering Officer, I am in charge of representing all students to the union on any issues relating to volunteering. I am also the convener of St Andrews Voluntary Service (SVS) where I oversee a committee of 15 and help them to organise over 60 volunteering projects and many fundraising, social and training events.

I can help represent your views to the union, and answer any and all questions. I will be taking any issues or ideas brought to me either to the SVS committee, or the union. I can also answer any questions about volunteering, recognition, training, or the Volunteering Portal.

How my position affects you

If any students want to get involved in volunteering, or want to know about volunteer recognition, they can contact me. Also, if there are any wider volunteer-related issues that you want represented to the Union, that would go through me too!

About me

I'm an incoming 4th year Chemistry student, and a bit unusually, I'm local to St Andrews and have lived here my whole life. I've volunteered for a lot of different groups, and ended up getting involved with the SVS committee in my first year of uni. I'm so excited to be able to run SVS and support volunteering across the uni! When I'm not volunteering or studying, you will probably find me at charity events, on a trampoline, or playing in a pipe band.

Groups I lead

As Volunteering Officer, I am President of St Andrews Voluntary Service (SVS). Follow SVS on Facebook to see what we're up to.

My manifesto pledges

By this, I mean that I want everyone to be able to volunteer. I will be helping SVS to host one off events for those who don't have much time to commit, and will be ensuring our social and training events are accessible to people of all abilities, and pretty much everything in between!

I will be launching a new training program for SVS to help our volunteers and the general student population to gain skills and to be best equipped to complete their projects and any volunteering projects they might be involved in later.

This ties in to my first point of wanting everyone to be able to volunteer. Part of that requires everyone to know what opportunities are out there! I intend to increase publicity throughout St Andrews about SVS and volunteering in general. This will also help us to be more transparent, as we'll keep you updated on not only what we will do, but what we have been up to.

SVS is the centre for all volunteering, so I am linking us up with all other groups in the town who need volunteers. SVS will also be holding events with other societies, and we will be increasing the number of organisations that we partner with.

By improving the range and type of projects we offer, and expanding our social and one off volunteering events, I hope to help SVS make volunteering more fun!