SRC Rector's Assessor

About my position

The primary purpose of my role is to serve as a liaison between the Rector, the University, the Students' Association, and the student body. The Rector's Assessor also has the responsibility of ensuring the Rector is up to date on all the goings-on of St Andrews, and to represent him whenever necessary.

This is especially key since the Rector does not spend all of their time in St Andrews. The Rector's Assessor is supported by the Rector's Committee, who coordinate events on behalf of the Rector. The Rector's Committee frequently collaborates with elected student representatives, societies, and staff to advance the issues that matter to our students.

How my position affects you

The Rector's Assessor sits on University Court, the University's governing body. University Court provides the Rector's Assessor with a unique opportunity to directly voice student concerns to members of the University's leadership.

For instance, with the recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Rector's Assessor alongside other student representatives led a discussion during University Court on how the University should appropriately respond. Painting a picture to University leadership of students' attitudes to the death of George Floyd and the lack of racial diversity in St Andrews led to a series of emails from the Principal directly addressing concerns widely held amongst the student body.

About me

Born and bred in Greenwich, South East London! I'm currently in my final year studying Philosophy. I wanted my position because I really saw it as an opportunity to make University Court more diverse, and to help build trust between the student body and University leadership. Fun fact: I was mute until the age of 5. Doctors thought I was deaf, so I learned BSL!

Groups I work with

I lead the Rector's Committee. I also sit on Councils and University Court.

My manifesto pledges

For students to have more direct and more frequent dialogue and collaboration with University leadership. The lack of direct communication and collaboration between students and members of University leadership leads to both a dysfunctional relationship and lack of trust between the student body and University leadership. The only way for us to drive change is to make sure we are collaborating and working with members of University leadership. I want to create more platforms and opportunities for the student body to work directly with University leadership. That's the only way we can effectively build mutual trust.

To push the University to encourage more black students to apply to the University of St Andrews and to provide more support for our black alumni. Currently, black students make up only 0.7% of our student population! There is so much more we as students can do more to encourage and attract more black students to study at what is one of the best institutions in the country! As a black student here, this is something I've been really passionate about for a while. Being Rector's Assessor gives me a great opportunity to fight for this cause.

To continue the long fight for *permanently* affordable student accommodation. The University has gone to great lengths to help students like me who have experienced hardship. I received the Discretionary Fund in my first year and twice in my second year. I've been in receipt of the Accommodation Award every year since I started at St Andrews. But EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to have affordable student accommodation regardless of their socio-economic background. We need a permanent fix to this problem. I want to do my bit in the long fight for affordable accommodation available to ALL.