Association Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer

Hi! I'm Jenny Menday, your Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer for 2020/21.


About my position

The Lifelong and Flexible Learners Committee (aka Lifers) has been a key part of my integration into student life outside of the teaching programme. As a Fresher I got involved in many events and traditions such as Raisin Weekend foam fight, attending Drag Walk, and an overnight bonfire on the beach followed by the bracing May Dip. Lifers work hard to ensure that all students can have a positive student experience whatever their circumstances. We support a community of parents, carers, post graduates, part-time and evening degree students holding regular events throughout the year.

How my position affects you

I knew that I wanted to do the same for other students so when the opportunity arose to run for Lifelong and Flexible Learners Officer I jumped at the chance. It’s not just social opportunities that we provide. Lifers also represent the voice of students and I sit on the Student Representative Council which brings any issues affecting students to the attention of the Student Council. If you have any concerns, comments or feedback then please do get in touch.

Please also come along to any of the events that we run as it’s a great opportunity to meet other students. As a subcommittee all students are automatically members and we welcome everyone whatever their circumstances. We hold committee meetings once a month and advertise these on our Facebook page and via email. We hope to see you soon!

About me

I'm Jenny.