Association Chair

Hi! I'm Morgan, your Association Chair for 2020/21. My position involves organising Councils meetings and assisting with any motions you would like the Union to support.


Morgan Morris

About my position

The Association Chair is elected by students in March each year. The role entails facilitating Council meetings of the SSC and SRC, as well as doing the background administration for these councils such as preparing the agenda and papers for each meeting. I will also be the person who receives all motions submitted to the council and processes them so the council can review and debate them. Did you know that any student can submit a motion, either by gaining 25 or more signatures on a petition or by working with a member of the council?!

I will be holding office hours on Tuesdays from 5-6pm for anyone to come and discuss anything to do with Councils!

How my position affects you

My position directly affects students as I work with both councils to make sure the services and representation of our students are effectively implementated. I will facilitate debate and engagment when we are discussing motions brought to the council from councillors and students. It is also within my remit to ensure all of the papers and minutes of meetings are uploaded to the website to make sure all of students can access them.

About me

I'm from Anstruther, Scotland! I am going into my fourth year studying Biology and Geography. I wanted to be your Association Chair as I have sat on councils for the past two years as your Community Relations Officer. This was a step up for me, and I wanted to improve the way councils work and increase engagement across the student body so more people can get involved! A fun fact about me is, I have been a summer camp counsellor in Wisconsin for the past three summers!

Groups I lead

As Chair, I lead Councils, including the SSC and SRC. I also lead the Executive Committee.

Follow Association Councils on Facebook or Twitter to see what we get up to.

All students can attend Councils meetings – a full list of dates of meetings will be published on Facebook and our website in the coming weeks, so be sure to come along if we are discussing something you are interested in!

My manifesto pledges

I would like to make Association Councils more transparent, to make sure that every student has the ability to access and learn what the Councils do, and how they can get involved. As well as this, I would like to continue to post summaries of meetings on the Councils social media, and this year to include the reports of councillors so students can see what specific groups are doing in the Union.

I would like to make Association Councils more engaging, to ensure that every student in St Andrews knows that they can take part in Councils, either by attending the meetings or submitting their own motions or working with councillors. I would like to do this by engaging with students on Facebook through events for meetings, and increasing advertisement across the student body.

I would like to try to encourage more debate during meetings, as this is an important part of ensuring we are making positive decisions. This will be done by reforming the timetable of meetings throughout the academic year, to make sure we are working in the most efficient way for councillors. This will mean having meetings less often, but would mean more productive meetings as we would have business to discuss.