Mermaids at the Fringe

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Every year The University of St Andrews Mermaids Performing Arts Fund sends shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, giving students and their audience an experience like no other.  This year they are funding five groups to go to Edinburgh and supporting another two.  From the sublime to the serious, the comical to the criminal it’s a brilliant chance to see St Andrews talent at its best.  


One hotel room.  One impossible scandal.  Two men who don’t know what they want.  Through the story of Marcus and Sam, watch the machinations of both a complex political satire and an emotionally fraught love story. This highly original piece of new writing portrays the romance of a middle-aged MP and the rent boy he employs.  Watch the power dynamic shift between the two in this darkly comic analogy of the UK’s road to Brexit.  Set in one claustrophobic hotel room, snapshots of Marcus and Sam’s failed romance play out in reverse chronology.  Thought-provoking, biting and at times hilarious.

£8/£6, 17:10 at theSpace on North Bridge

4th - 19th August (no performances on 6th or 13th)




Pistorious: A Shakespearean Tragedy?

Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet, Pistorius.  In 2013, three cackling news anchors predict the fall of the first Olympian double amputee.  Amidst the madness at his fame and father, our so-called tragic hero kills his lover, Reeva Steenkamp, and shockingly pleads his innocence.  In Elizabethan English and the Bard’s famous metre, the following court battle and feud with the mourning Steenkamps unravels this tragedy of Shakesperean proportions

£7/6, 19:30 at Ivy Studio, Greenside Infirmary Street

14th - 19th & 21st - 26th August

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It’s 1684 and the world has entered a new era of scientific enlightenment.  A friendly wager between three titans of natural philosophy - Edmund Halley, Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke - turns ugly.  Enter little known and less beloved Isaac Newton, whose deep-seated grudges propel him to alter the wager’s outcome and the course of history.  Atlas fuses historical fiction and character drama, and explores how rivalry and ambition changed the world.  “Visually Charming, emotionally powerful and beautifully written” (”

£8/£6, 18:25 at theSpace on North Bridge

4th - 19th August (no performances on 6th or 13th)

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Rock and Hunt

"You live your whole life and then it's just you." Cate’s never been to a party.  Luke’s a prick.  Josie can’t eat the cake alone. James needs a job.  Laura wants to scream. And Fred can’t work Grindr.  From the awkwardness of teenage sex to finding yourself suddenly alone after 50 years, join six characters in search of answers as they defy and succumb to the expectations the world has of them through dating apps and unemployment, alcoholism and asthma, sex, love, life, death and Victoria Sponge.

£8/£6, 17:50 at Paradise in the Vault

5th - 19th August (No performance on 13th August)




Bells Present: Gospel

Bells gained national prominence in its first year as a fully mixed ensemble after winning the 2016 Scottish A Cappella Championships.  Combining a wide range of musical genres with original compositions and evocative arrangements, the group is known for weaving stories through their performances.  Vocally sampling lyrical, harmonic and melodic motifs in a bold fusion of genres, drawing on noughties’ hip hop, indie and electronic folk, and late classical and romantic music.  Gospel repackages contemporary themes with faith-emotive melodies to produce a uniquely colourful, graceful and moving masterpiece for a composed, controlled and creative vocal show.

£8/£6, 19:30 at Paradise in Augustines

4th - 12th August




Fresh from its sell-out run, Polaris is a free trip around the world. It's the kind of dark humour that comes from being thwacked in the face by everything and everyone possible. Self-aware, self-deprecating, and absolutely no selfies, this coming of age story is full of sex, sexuality, and some sad shit. The true story of growing up everywhere and fitting in nowhere, with added queer just for fun. (haha. fun.)

Free Admission, 2:45pm at Venue 366: 52 Canoes (Grassmarket)

4th-9th, 11th-16th, 18th-23th, 25th-28th August



independent shows

A number of students and societies also attend the Fringe completely self funded:


Blind Mirth

Tightly clutching their Derek Award from the 2016 Fringe, running on the adrenaline of a student diet and a spectacular year performing in St Andrews, Blind Mirth - St Andrews' first, best, and only improv comedy troupe - is heading back to the Fringe for a two-week improv extravaganza! 

Blind Mirth's 6th run at the Edinburgh Fringe promises to be even more hilarious than before. Packed with long and short form improv games, inspired by audience suggestions, every show never fails to deliver non-stop laughs. The troupe are primed for another fringe run crammed full of sparky, spontaneous and side-splittingly funny comedy.

£7/£6, 21:05 at The Space on The Mile

4-5th, 7th - 12th, 14th - 19th August



Four Horses: A Standup Comedy Showcase


There is a new kind of comedy in the Kilderkin Side Lounge, a standup show like no other, albeit quite similar to several others. In association with the PBH Free Fringe, we give you Four Horses, a Standup Comedy Showcase. 
Four Performers, One Venue, No Rules!*

Performing at Edinburgh for the first time, St Andrews presents: Annie Leverton, Bobby Innes, Joe Irvine, Tom Caruth

*Some rules

22:00 at Kilderkin Side Lounge

5 - 18th August





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