Mermaids at the Fringe 2019

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BELLS presents: Soundscape

2nd-10th, 17:15, theSpace @ Niddry St 

Hailing from the Scottish seaside town of St Andrews is the award-winning a cappella group BELLS. This summer, we invite you to our show premiering at the Fringe: SOUNDSCAPE. Staging interactive live improvisation, original compositions and singing alongside instrumentalists, the group creates an immersive musical experience demonstrating their unique creative process and exploring the limits of the human voice. Inspired by a wide range of genres from jazz to pop, soul, and traditional music, BELLS is a contemporary choir performing softly woven arrangements, sampling instrumental motifs and heartfelt lyrics by James Blake, Alt J, Stormzy, Sufjan Stevens and many more.



12th-24th, 12:50, Greenside @ Infirmary Street 

Eliza Drake used to believe in fairies. Like Eventide, fey of the dusk, and Jayhren, the lightning fairy – and all sorts of others she once played games with. She's grown up now, and she knows they were her sister's silly stories. Only the fairies haven't quite got the message. Seeing that Eliza is needing help, three fairies arrive to convince her to remember them and, if they're feeling kind, offer some well-intentioned but poorly thought-out advice on the perils of growing up.


Forbidden Fruit at The Edinburgh Fringe 2019

2nd-10th, 19:45, Greenside @ Nicolson Square 

In the rigid high society of Georgian England, social mores must be obeyed and, when it comes to courting, the slightest gesture has the power to change everything. Join TBD Theatre for Forbidden Fruit: a riotous game of love where we put the power in your hands – at each performance the audience will decide which actor plays which role. It’s time for the rules to be rewritten. And rewritten. And rewritten. Age category: 12+

Our Saviour  

2nd-17th, 21:45, theSpace Triplex 

To some, Reverend Sheen is a walking miracle. A saving grace for the desperate and needy. He claims to be able to cure terminal illness, make the disabled walk and even erase crippling debt, just with the power of prayer… and a generous donation. To others, Peter Sheen is a manipulative con man, using the art of persuasion and charisma to charm his unwitting audiences out of their hard-earned cash. Either way, more lurks beneath Reverend Sheen’s million-dollar smile than meets the eye.

Pirates of Penzance 

19th-25th, 18:20, Paradise in Augustines

A rollicking band of pirates abandon their life on the high seas in an to attempt to capture Major General Stanley’s (adult) daughters. Mabel, outspoken and clever, wins the affections of Frederic, an ex-pirate seeking a more honest life. Frederic warns the pirates that his wish is their complete destruction, but they won’t go down without a fight. When Ruth, Frederic’s boyhood carer, and the pirate king uncover a secret about Frederic’s identity, he has a difficult choice to make. With an unforgettable cast, the Pirates of Penzance is sure to delight audiences of all ages.




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