18th April Sabbatical Email

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Hi all, 


We hope you’re all looking after yourselves whilst you’re racing to finish the last pieces of coursework! If you’re done and/or just need a break, here are our top 5 for this week:










·         Tomorrow 3pm – 4 30pm in Rector’s Café, myself and the Rector, Catherine Stihler, will be hosting a drop-in session for anyone interested in running a candidate for the upcoming Rectorial election in October. If you want advice on how to run a campaign, how to reach out to a potential candidateand on what the role of Rector entails, head along and ask us!


·         Register to vote for the local and general election! https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote?gclid=CPuQka6pi9MCFVG6GwodJtML5Q You can vote in the general election on June 8th and  local council elections on May 4th – whether you want to change the HMO policy or push for a railway in town, you need to register by the 17th April at your university address. You can be registered at two residences and vote in two regions for the council elections, so please do participate and make sure student interests are heard!  


·         This Friday, 11am- 12pm in School VI, Sir Julian King, the Security Commissioner for the European Union, will be speaking as part of the Rector’s Inspire Series. The topic is EU Security Policy: Past, Present and Future.  








·          Any student groups can apply to the Student Project Fund, money that is reserved for the use of students who have an original idea for a project to enhance and/or contribute to the student experience or provide clear student development. Here’s a link to more info and how you can apply: https://www.yourunion.net/activities/studentprojectfund/


·         Nominations for Honorary Life Membership are now open!  An Honorary Life Membership is a gift given by the Students’ Association to individuals in recognition of their outstanding contributions to enhancing the St Andrews student experience. Find more information and nomination forms here:https://www.yourunion.net/union/membershipandaccess/hlm/












  • The last Bop of the year is Prom Bop! 10 30pm, £3, buy tickets on the yourunion.net website or on the door.


·Grad ball tickets https://www.facebook.com/yourunionevents/videos/1342184432497750/?pnref=story








As always, if you have any questions or concerns and you’d like some advice, email us or pop into our offices on the second floor of the Union, opposite the Cash Office.



Best wishes, 


The Sabb Team – Charlotte, Caroline, Ben, Taryn and Jack xoxo.


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