Student Services, a unit within the University, covers four main areas of responsibility: student experience, advice and support, discipline, and the wardennial system.


The Advice and Support Centre (ASC) is a one-stop shop for Student Services, based at 79 North St.  You can find more information about the building and the services offered through them by visiting the Student Services website.


The University has two full time Disability Advisers who advise students with physical disabilities, sensory impairments, unseen medical conditions, mental health difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. In addition to the Disability Advisers, there is a part-time Dyslexia Adviser who advises students with learning difficulties. The Disability Team offers a wide range of support to help you get the most out of your University experience and to make the transition to University as smooth as possible.  For more information about the services offered through the University's Disabilities Team, please visit the Student Services website.


Student Services offer a counselling service that complies with the University's code on confidentiality. You can find more information about this service at the Student Services website.  The University Chaplain also will meet with students to discuss issues with students in a wholly confidential manner.