Coffee Meetups

Most Sundays, we run coffee meetups where anyone can drop by for coffee, tea, or biscuits. Each one has a particular identity it is geared towards. They began as a time for trans and non-binary students to talk, but we now run them for queer women, queer men, asexual/aromantic people, bisexual people, postgrads, intersex people, and those who are questioning. Check out our calendar or drop us a message to find out when they are for this semester! 


Trans Clothing Drive

If you’re transgender and looking to update your wardrobe to better match your gender, we’ve got a collection of donated clothing. We have times set through the semester that it will be open to anyone, and we’re also happy to set up an external time for you to check out what we have. Just email our support email,, and someone will be happy to set something up. We also have a large collection of makeup, and a number of new and donated binders, as well as new packers, breast forms, and tucking underwear, which are all available free of charge.