Changing your degree

The degree structure at the University is designed to be flexible, making it possible to change your mind about your final degree outcome.  Limits however do exist within the system, and you cannot undertake a degree programme if you do not have the required qualifications for the programmes compulsory modules. Upon accepting a formal offer of admission to a programme, you are committed to study it for at least one academic year. However, if you have decided before completing your first year you can take the required modules for your new intended degree during that first year. After the end of your first year of study, your Adviser of studies can approve a change to a different degree programme within the same Faculty. If you wish to transfer to a degree that is only available in a different Faculty, you will need to gain approval from the Pro Dean (Advising) of the Faculty to which you want to transfer.

You can read the University’ policy on changes to studies here. Also check out the University page on changes to your degree.