tenants' charter

The Landlord/Tenant Charter is a list of requirements that the Landlords and Tenants who rent to St Andrews students agree to. These points ensure a standard of good practise is maintained by the Landlords, and that they know what they can expect from student tenants in return. 

Please click the link to view the 2015-2016 agreement here; the Charter membership is currently being renewed (from 6th October 2015). Agents who have already signed are

  • Delmor
  • Homes for Students
  • Inchdairnie
  • Lawson and Thompson
  • Stonehouse Letting 
  • The Student Housing Company, Ayton House
  • Town and Gown
  • Yeoman Properties

We have a list of landlords who have also signed the Charter; if you wish to find out if your landlord has, email union@st-andrews.ac.uk.

If you have a complaint about a letting agent or landlord who has signed the Charter, email union@st-andrews.ac.uk.