If you're interested in a society, joining its committee is a great way to get extra involved. You get to learn more about how societies run, and you have a say on the society's direction for the year.

Most committee positions are elected in April. However, due to lockdown, lots more positions will be available in September this year. The table below shows societies that have positions open for first years. Follow their page for updates on how to apply.

Society Positions
A Cappella Society Our society committee is elected in April each year, but there may also be opportunities within individual groups throughout the year for freshers to get involved!
Action for Muona We have a variety of roles for freshers, such as social media managers, media content creators, and writers to publish features of our events in The Saint or The Stand.
Afro-Caribbean Society Freshers Rep, Promotions, Charity Rep, Events Rep
Amnesty International There are five positions available for the upcoming year:
1. Urgent Actions Coordinator: our primary researcher for human rights issues
2. Graphics Designer: artist-in-residence
3. Marketing Officer: social media wizard
4. Social Events Representative: master of fun
5. Ordinary Members Representative: helper extraordinaire
Argentine Tango Society General committee member
Art History Freshers Rep
Events coordinator
Merchandise & marketing officer
Vice President 
Art Society All positions except for President and Treasurer are available at our EGM in September.
Astronomical Society Freshers Rep
Aviation Freshers Officer
Ballroom & Latin American Dance Freshers can apply for any position on committee! Social Rep would be a great starting point.
Banking and Finance Society We are looking for event speakers. Anyone with an interest in finance technicals and educating is free to contact us. Likewise, people with work experience that they would like to share are welcome.
Biology Freshers are eligible to run for any vacant committee position, especially the Freshers Rep and General Member positions.
Blood Donation Society Communication/Media Manager
Breakaway (Hill Walking Society) Freshers Rep, Ordinary Member
British Medical Association Society Events Convenor
Member without Portfolio
Non-Medical Delegate
Year Group Delegates
Bute Medical Society 2x Fresher Reps
Catholic Society Vice President, Secretary, Publications Officer, Social Media Officer, Events Officer, Outreach Officer.
Celtic Society As we only held elections for President and Treasurer before the summer, many of our committee positions are available to incoming freshers!

Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Social Officer, Transport Officer, Beginners Scottish Country Dance (SCD) Class Rep, Intermediate SCD Class Rep, Gaelic Class Rep as well as General Committee Members (who don't have a defined role but help when we run events!)
Chess Society Secretary, Team Captain, Club Coach, Ordinary Member
Children of Rwanda Freshers Rep, Social Media Rep, Events Organiser, Education and Outreach Rep, Sponsorship Team.
Class Gift Treasurer, Marketing Officer
Coexistence Initiative Conference Organiser, Speaker Rep, Member without Portfolio
Coffee Society Freshers Rep, Events Coordinator, Partnerships and Collaborations Officer
Computing We will be electing most of our committee in September.
Conservative and Unionist Association Freshers Rep, Political Officer, Secretary, Vice Chairman, Chief Whip
Democrats Overseas Incoming freshers are eligible to run for any open committee position, especially Freshers Rep.
Disney Society Incoming freshers are welcome to apply for any open committee positions, including Treasurer, Secretary, Events Rep, Social Media Rep and General Member.
Doctor Who There are three ordinary member positions, or as we call them guards, that are typically held by freshers.
Economics Society Freshers Rep
Feminist Society Freshers Rep, Accessibility Officer
Fine Food and Dining Society 2 Freshers Reps, 2 PR Members, 2x Extraordinary Members, Special Events Coordinator
Folk and Traditional Music Publicity Rep
For Her Project Freshers Rep, Secretary, Member without Portfolio, Events Officer, Social Media Officer
French Society Vice President, Events Officer, Publicity Officer, French Department Coordinator, Play Officer, Freshers Rep, 2x Members without Portfolio
Friends of MSF Publicity Officer, 2x Events Coordinators, Science and Medicine Faculty Rep, Arts and Divinity Faculty Rep, Social Rep, Freshers Rep, Outreach Rep
Geography There are lots of committee positions up for grabs! Sub-Honours Officer and Member without Portfolio are perfect positions for incoming freshers. We also have Secretary, Social and Events Secretary, and Publicity and Sponsorship Officer for freshers who are confident they have relevant experience to carry out the responsibilities associated with these roles.
Geological Society Freshers Rep
Gilbert & Sullivan Society We are looking for a Freshers Rep! This is a great way to get involved with the team who run the society, and make friends with other people who love theatre.

For this year only, since we are electing most of our Committee in September rather than April, the positions of Ordinary Member, Secretary, Publicity Officer, Social Representative, Vice President, and Technical Officer are also up for grabs for anyone who wants to dive into the theatre world.
Guide Dog Society We will be holding an EGM in semester 1, where the following positions will be available: Vice President, Secretary, Events Coordinator, Members Rep, Social Media
Hindu-Jain-Sikh-Society Vice President, Social Media Representative, Secretary, Interfaith Representative, Events Coordinator
Hispanic Freshers Rep
History Society Freshers Rep, Postgraduate Rep, subcommitte positions for the trip and the journal
Hong Kong Society 2x Junior Reps: internship positions, where members help the committee with its activities.
Inklight Creative Writing Society Vice-President, Secretary, Member without Portfolio, Journal Editors, Journal Sub-Editors, Freshers Rep
Japan Society Publicity Manager, Events Manager
Jewish Society Secretary, Charities Officer, Social Officer, Interfaith Officer
Just So Musical Theatre Society Freshers Rep
Labour Society Incoming freshers are eligible for all of the committee positions that we'll be electing at an EGM in September! In particular, we have the role of Freshers Rep, which is specifically reserved for incoming freshers. The rest of the committee positions we'll be electing are Vice-Chair, General Secretary, Events Secretary, Campaigns Officer, Media Secretary, Postgraduate Representative, Women's Officer, LGBT+ Officer, Trans Officer, BAME Officer, and Disabilities Officer. No prior experience or knowledge is required for any of these roles, and we'd encourage anyone who's interested or has questions about what the roles entail to message one of our social media pages or to email us!
Latin American/Raggaeton Society Social Media Officer, Event Coordinator
Law Society Freshers Rep
Mackenzie General Practice Freshers Rep, Events Officer, Publicity Officer
Malaysian Society Junior Representative
Marrow Society Freshers Rep
Mary's Meals Secretary, Events Officer, Fundraising Officer, Social Secretary.
Mathematical Society (SUMS) Vice President, Secretary, Social Rep, First Year Rep, Publicity Rep
Music Society 2x Freshers Rep
Opera Society Freshers Rep
Our Choice The positions of Secretary and Events Officer are open, and we would welcome first years to those roles. The other open roles of Social Media/Marketing Manager or our two Ordinary Member positions would also suit first years.
Persian Society Persian Cultural Rep, Social Media Rep
Philosophy Society Secretary, Publicity Officer, Social Convenor, Deputy Journal Editor, Diversity and Outreach Officer, General Committee Member
Photography Society Freshers Rep, Secretary
Physics Society Vice President, Secretary, Academic Convener, Social Convener, Careers Convener, Publicity Officer, Podcast Producer, Freshers Rep, Trip Organiser, Baking Representative, Photography Representative
Pokemon Society Secretary, Vice President, Events and Publicity Officer, Intersociety Officer
Polish As for now we only have our President and Treasurer elected, so there will be plenty of positions that the Freshers will be eligible to run for: Vice President, Secretary, Cultural Representative, Social Representative, Media and Publicity Officer, and if more people want to be part of the committee then we are happy to have 1-2 General Committee Members
Pool and Cue Sports Society Secretary, Publicity and Fundraising, Women & Equalities rep
Psychology and Neuroscience We will be holding an EGM in September where a range of positions will be available to run for.
Quidditch and Harry Potter Society Freshers Rep
Rap and Hip Hop Society Freshers Rep, Social Representative
RockSoc Members Representative – this position is usually filled by a fresher and it's all about helping other members get the most out of the society, e.g. making suggestions and gathering feedback from members (especially freshers) with the aim of ensuring our society is inclusive, accessible, and fun. There may also be opportunities to help out on our Events Team for those interested!
Russian Society Secretary, Events Officer, Head of Cultural Representation, Designer, Publicity Officer
Saints LGBT+ Freshers Rep, Postgrad Officer
Sexpression Events Officer, Publicity Officer, Secretary, Fundraising Officer, Socials Officer, General Members
Shimmy Secretary, Health and Safety Officer, Publicity Representative
Shire of Caer Caledon Freshers are welcome to become General Committee Members and help in planning events throughout the year.
Springboks: South African Society Merchandise Officer, Social Media Officer, Publicity Officer, Events Officer
Socialist Society Our AGM will be held in September 2020. As of now, we are considering electing a Vice President and an Activism Officer (someone who finds worthy causes to get involved with) on top of our current roles, but are welcome to changing our structure and offering more positions.
Christian Union Our committee has already been selected for this year, but there are so many ways you can get involved and volunteer right from Freshers' Week! We can't wait to see how you can be a part of our activities and mission. There are also plenty of roles that you could be in by the end of your first year;  a few include Toastie Bar committee, international events, or hall group leading.
St Mary's College Ordinary Members, Secretary, Social Events Coordinator, Worship Convener
STAAG (Adventure Group) All of our positions except President and Treasurer will be being voted for in September, so if you fancy a committee position, please do let us know! We'll have positions for Expedition Coordinators, Social Media Rep, and more!
Student Archaeology Secretary, Social Officer, Classics Liaison, Ordinary Member
Students for Global Health Freshers Rep, Associate Member
Students for Independence Currently, freshers are eligible to run for any committee position
Surgical Society Junior Clinical Skills Coordinator, Junior Conference Chair, Conference Chair, Clinical Skills Coordinator, Social and Charities Representative, and Publicity Representative
Sustainable Development Society Vice President: helps to run the society by supporting all members of the committee in their role, including by replacing the President when necessary.
Secretary: helps to run the society by keeping track of memberships, society emails, and by taking minutes at each meeting.
Social Media Rep: helps spread awareness on the society's aims and events by managing our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Events Rep: proposes and helps organise events for the society members and the wider community.
Educational Officer: works with the Social Media Rep and the Events Rep to help educate the society members and the wider community on issues relating to sustainable development.
Swing Dance Society Vice President, Secretary, Publicity Officer, Social Rep.
Taiwan Society Vice President, Secretary, Marketing Rep
Tea Society We'll be holding our EGM in September/October and several positions will be open to Freshers! We'll have more detailed information on this later so anyone interested should keep an eye on our Facebook page for further updates.
Teddy Bear Hospital Props Rep, Activities Rep, Transportation Rep, Publicity Rep, Schools Coordinator, Volunteering Coordinator
The St Andrews Economist Staff Writer (write 2 articles a semester), Freelance Writer (submit one-off articles with no commitment)
UNICEF We really encourage freshers to get involved from first year. We have several roles that freshers can be involved with on the committee:
1) Freshers Rep
2) Sub committee positions:
  a) Symposium Team
         i)   Logistics sub-committee
         ii)  Marketing sub-committee
         iii) Speakers subcommittee
  b) Marketing Sub-committee
  c) Events & Fundraising sub-committee
United Nations Association The best way for freshers to be involved is through our subcommittees!
We'll be holding interviews for Parliamentary One Pagers (POP) Team, Events Team, and Fundraising Team. No experience necessary – just genuine passion to raise awareness on UN Goals.
Italian Society Secretary, Events Officer, Social Media and Graphics Officer, Outreach and Sponsorship Officer, Language Officer
Wildlife & Conservation Society Secretary, Events Officer, Publicity and Media Officer
Campaigns and Fundraising Officer
General Member
Women for Women International Secretary, 2x Marketing and Social Media, 2x Sponsorship, 2x Events Coordinator, 3x General Committee Members, Freshers Rep, Events sub-committee members.