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Venue Booking Form


**** Please note we are currently short-staffed due to staff illness,

please bear with us and we'll get to your booking as soon as we can. ****




We require all forms to be submitted at least 14 working days in advance of your booking unless you 

have technical or equipment requirements in which case they must be submitted 3-4 weeks in advance. 

Personal Information:


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Event Information:

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Event type:                            

If you have selected "other" please describe your event:  

If you selected "Club Night" or "Live Music" security charges will apply.  Please note security charges may apply for other selections too.

Prices will be confirmed when your booking is accepted. 

Expected Numbers :    other:   

(please be as accurate as possible as we need to know for staff and security and you will be charged accordingly) 

Event Description:

Venue Information:

Please click here for further venue information including capacities.  

Please make your selection below:

If the venue you'd like isn't listed above please state where you'd like your event in the Union:  

Please note hire charges may apply and these will be confirmed when your booking is approved. 

Technical & Equipment Requirements: 

Please select the relevant answer (if you don't we will not be able to supply you with the equipment).

**If you answer yes to any of the below you must attend the Ents user group meeting at least two weeks prior to your event. Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 13.00 in the Meeting Room.**

  • Do you have any lighting requirements beyond the fluorescent working lights normally present?  

      If yes please give a brief overview along with any initial ideas 

  • Do you require speaking equipment (such as microphones)?  

        If yes what do you require? 

  • Do you require DJ Equipment? Please select an option  

       If you selected "other" or you are bringing your own setup, please state what  

  • Do you require the use of a digital projector ? 
  • Do you require staging or a raised platform?  (If yes, a layout must be brought to the Ents users meeting or attached below).

  • Are you bringing any of your own equipment / instruments ?   If yes please explain what: 
  • Are you bringing any of your own decorations (these must be fire proofed) ?  If yes please explain what:  
  • Do you have special requirements such as    or anything that is not menitoned  that you may need from us and the quantity* 

**You must attend an Ents user group meeting at least two weeks prior to your event if you have any technical, equipment, DJ or special requirements.  Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 13.00 in the Meeting Room.**

Hire Charges:

1) £10 (£20 The Stage) surcharge applies for use of AV, Lighting & Sound equipment for non-affiliated societies.

2) Do you require a cloakroom? (charges apply) 

Catering Information:

Do you require catering?*                  

Type of catering / dishes required  

Special dietary requirements   

Time food is required                         

Catered Numbers                                

Please note you cannot bring in any of your own food into the building.

Confirmation of numbers and  food options are required 7 working days before your event. Please email sacatering@ with any questions.

Failure to do so will result in payment based on original numbers.

You cannot bring in any of your own food. 

Bar Information:

Do you require a Bar?                         

If yes there will be a £50 per hour minimum spend (additional for Beacon Bar). Once your booking is approved we'll email you further information.  Please note venues can be booked without bars, drinks can be purchased from other bars within the building (excluding Beacon Bar). You cannot bring in any of your own drink. 

Please note you can order wine for your events without requiring a bar.?

Additional Comments and Questions:

Rules and Conditions:

  1. The Association is obliged to provide: a venue as agreeed and technical equipment as agreed by the Ents; health & safety guidelines
  2. The Ents crew reserves the right to cancel a booking, withdraw technical assistance or/and withhold equipment in the event a booking fails to attend an Ent's users meeting at least 2 weeks before the date of the booking or if the event is deemed unfeasible and no suitable provisions are made.
  3. The Ents Crew are entirely student volunteers, and may be able to assist you but are not obliged to do so. They will confirm this with you when you attend your Ent's users meeting
  4. The organiseris responsible for the behaviour of all organisers and operators and must adhere to all Health & Safety guidelines as expressed including those given by members of the Ents crew. 
  5. Flat fee payments should be paid to the Reception. Floats will be collected by the duty porter on the night and processed by the Cash Office for ticket split arrangements.
  6. Events and equipment operated in conjunction with a charitable body (Students’ Association) are subject to Charity Law.
  7. This document shall be legally binding when the terms and conditions box is ticked below.
  8. We require all booking forms to be submitted at least 14 days in advance of your booking unless you have technical or equipment requirements in which case they must be submitted 3-4 weeks in advance. 

I have read the terms and conditions 


Any booking forms submitted between 5pm on Fridays and 9am on Mondays will not be seen.

Ents User Groups:

The Ents users meeting is held every Wednesday during term time in the meeting room on the first floor of the union at 1 pm – no reservation is required.  Here's a list of questions you'll probably be asked.

Any queries or if you require a technical consultation to determine requirements for your booking then please contact ents@

If you have specific technical requirements/ideas regarding the lighting, sound, projection then it is advised to email ents@ before users to discuss this. 

If you are bringing in any external acts (e.g. non-union DJ’s) you must contact ents@as soon as possible regardless of venue.

Please note the below default settings exist in the following venues:

Sandy’s Bar:2 mics, 1 projector & Music (ie iPod)

Beacon Bar:1 wireless mic & music (ie iPod)

If your event is in either of these venues, and you do not require additional equipment and you don’t have any decorations, then there is no requirement to attend Ents User Groups Meeting.

I have read the Ents User Group information