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Venue Book Form


Personal Information:


Society / Organisation 


Contact Number 


Event Name 

Event Date (no more than four bookings can be placed, if there are more than four dates they will not be booked) 

Event Times (open - close) 

Event type: 

 Club Night

 Live Music


 Conference / Meeting

 Other (please explain what your event is if it doesn't fit into the above event types). 

Expected Numbers (please be as accurate as possible as we need to know for staff and security numbers) 


Venue Information:

Venue Required:

 Club 601 (capacity: 500 standing)

 The Stage (capacity: 500 standing or 165 theatre seating)

 Club 601, Stage and Lobby Bar combined (capacity: 1200 standing)

 Beacon Bar (capacity: 60 standing and 80 seated)

 Sandy's Bar (capacity: 50 standing and 50 seated)

 No preference


Event Set Up Time 

Event Description

Special Requirements: 

 DJ Equipment 

 Digital Projector

 Microphone(s) (number required) 

AV required Yes No 

 Special Requirements such as seating, tables, trestle tables or anything that is not menitoned above that you may need from us and quantity* 


*If you have any special requirements or need a DJ you must attend the Ents user group meeting which is held on Wednesdays at 13.00 in the Meeting Room.

Hire Charges:

1) £10 (£20 The Stage) surcharge applies for use of AV, Lighting & Sound equipment for non-affiliated societies.

2) Do you require a cloakroom? (charges apply) yes no 

Catering Information:

Do you require catering? yes   no  (please note you cannot bring in any of your own food).

Type of Catering / Dishes required 

Special Requirements (ie diets etc)  

Time Food is required 

Catered Numbers 

Confirmation of numbers is required 5 working days before the function.

Failure to do so will result in payment based on original numbers.

Bar Information:

Do you require a Bar?   yes   no  (please note you cannot bring in any of your own drink).


Rules and Conditions:

  1. The Association is obliged to provide: venue as agreed above; technical equipment as agreed above; health & safety guidelines.
  2. The organiser is obliged to attend Ents User Groups as stipulated by the DoES; be responsible for the behaviour of organisers and operators; adhere to all Health & Safety guidelines as expressed.
  3. Bookings shall not be deemed completed until you have received an email confirmation and you have attended an Ents User Groups.
  4. Flat fee payments should be paid to the Reception. Floats will be collected by the duty porter on the night and processed by the Cash Office for ticket split arrangements.
  5. The organiser must ensure that full technical requirements have been lodged with the DoES at least 14 days before the event.
  6. The Ents Crew are entirely student volunteers, and may be able to assist you but are not obliged to do so. They will confirm this with you after your first User Groups.
  7. Events and equipment operated in conjunction with a charitable body (Students’ Association) are subject to Charity Law.
  8. This document shall be legally binding when signed by both named parties below.
  9. We require all booking forms be submitted atleast 14 days in advance of your booking.

I have read the terms and conditions 

PLEASE NOTE THIS BOOKING IS NOT APPROVED UNTIL AN E-MAIL CONFIRMATION IS RECEIVED.  Any booking forms submitted between 5pm on Fridays and 9am on Mondays will not be seen.


Ents User Groups:

You may be required to attend Ents User Groups if you have any technical requirements. 

Ents Users is held Wednesday 1pm – Please bring as much information about the event with you as possible, such as the event running order or stage diagrams.  Here's a list of questions you'll probably be asked.

Event technical requirements checked at Ents User Group Meeting

Please note the following default settings exist in the following venues:

Sandy’s Bar: 2 mics, 1 projector & Music (ie iPod)

Beacon Bar: 1 wireless mic & music (ie iPod)

If your event is in either of these venues, and you do not require additional equipment, then there is no requirement to attend Ents User Groups Meeting.