How to book an event

The Union is here for students to use. We have two venues available to be booked by following the following step. We can also help you plan events in spaces around town.

Follow the steps below to book a venue:

(If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Events and Services, on does@.)


1. Fill out the venue booking form

After you've checked the space you require is available on the calendar.


2.  Our reception team will respond to let you know if your booking has been passed to the Operational Planning Group.

If your booking can’t proceed from this stage the reception team will let you know why.

3.  The Operational Planning Group will discuss your booking.

The Operational Planning Group consists on a variety of permanent Union staff and the DoES. 
The DoES can be found on the middle floor of the Union in the Sabbatical Officec. They can advise you on costings, health and safety, logistics, venue hire fee and how to market your event. Organise a meeting with them by emailing does@. 

4. You'll be notified if your event is approved / not approved.

A reason will be given along with any fees involved and information about what you should do next.


5. If your event is approved you will have to attend an Ents User Group on Wednesday, 1pm.

The Ents Crew are the sub-committee of the Union who form all of the tech support for our events. They're student volunteers so it's really important they know your plans ahead of time. They hold mandatory User Group meetings to discuss your event plans, along with the Building Supervisor, Bruce Turner. Bruce can advise on logistics, health and safety and capacities.

Your booking will be finalised after you have attended User Groups - we suggest coming to the first meeting after you submit your booking form, and again two weeks before your event with an update. 


Other useful things to know:

You can also find out more about organising events in the Union by checking out our Events Guide!

If you require meeting rooms or rehearsal rooms you can book these here


Design Team and Design Room

We have 6 pc’s with adpbe creative suite on them in the desgn room on the middle floor of the Union for you to make your own or email ask the design team for help: sadesignteam@

Printing and wristbands
We can print tickets, posters and order wristbands for you, click here to find out more.
On the night
Ents will appoint an Event Manager (EM) who will oversee your event, and takes charge after the doors open. They're here to help, but also know what they're doing. Our doorstaff will also assist - make sure you've got your reservation list.