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The Union is the main nightclub space in town, offering a combination of big external acts and regular dance nights. As it's a multi-purpose space and we have such a diverse student body, our entertainments programme encompasses comedy, theatre, live music and even special events like laser tag as well. It's all designed with students in mind.

Check out our event lineup or calendar for all of the upcoming events. As an overview, the excitement of Freshers' Week starts the year off, but it doesn't relent. We have big names coming up to St Andrews across the year. We also have Scotland's largest student arts festival - On The Rocks - just after Spring break. We celebrate the end of the year with a a programme of events, before we present Graduation Ball at the end of June.

The Union is always working to make your student experience as good as it can possibly be, from how events are carefully chosen for students, by a sabbatical officer elected by students. All of our events are run by the student volunteer Ents Crew. However, if you have feedback on an event - if you want to see it again or you expected something different - let us know by e-mailing does@.

Everything we make through events is poured straight back into our activies and facilities for students.