Q: When and where is wristband collection?

A: 25th and  26th June, 11am - 4pm at The StAge in The Students' Association.


Q: I didn’t get a confirmation email?

A: Don’t worry, if you didn't log in to purchase a ticket you won't have got a confirmation email.  Please bring proof of ID with you to wristband collection, this will be enough.


Q: I have sold my ticket (at cost price) to a friend, what should I do?

A: Please email the person who has purchased your ticket (via your university email account) stating that you give them permission to pick-up the wristband.


Q: I can’t make the designated pick-up times

A: Please ask a friend to pick it up for you, we will need to see an email from you (via your university email account) to them stating that you give them permission to pick up your wristband.


Q: I've lost my wristband what should I do?

A: You are responsible for your wristband as soon as you pick it up from the Students' Association, we cannot offer a replacement.  It is worth asking us if your band has been handed in but we cannot help in any other way.


Q: I don’t want to bring my passport to the event, can I bring any other proof of ID?

A: All forms of identification we accept can be found here: https://www.yourunion.net/pageassets/union/membershipandaccess/Acceptable-proof-of-age.pdf


Q: Do I need to arrive at 8pm?

A: You don’t have to but we advise you arrive at 8pm as there’s lots to see and do!


Q: When will you stop serving the glass of bubbly that's included in the ticket?

A: We will stop serving this at 10:30pm


Q: Lost Property

A: Any found property from the ball can be collected from [Time T.B.C] on [Date. T.B.C.] from the Students' Association.