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This was the World and I was King

This was the World and I was King
This was the World and I was King premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013, 29th October, 7:30pm
St Andrews is undergoing quite a few changes this year, and because most of them affect the Union and some of On The Rocks’ biggest venues, On The Rocks and Mermaids are inviting one of our favorite Theatre companies to perform and workshop with us to show us how to use spaces creatively! 

Hookhitch have been performing at the Fringe since 2012 and they know how to tell an incredible story. The company members are all young and making a name for themselves by creating beautiful music (and sometimes puppets) to accompany their shows. Each production they present is unique and refreshing, helping audience members to think outside of the box while feeling at home in their capable hands.

They will be performing their 2013 Fringe sell out show, This was the World and I was King in the Barron from October 27th-29th.  The show is a family friendly folk musical and was nominated for the NSDF Award and Musical Theatre Network Award and won an NSDF commendation for their puppetry design. Tickets are priced at £8 for full price, £7 for concessions(students and children).
Photo credit: hookhitch.co.uk