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Hoopoopoo! Poopoopoo! Ee-oo! Ee-oo! Come everyone! Come all my feathered friends! Fly quickly here, emit your mellow cries! Twee-twee, twee-twee!

03/11/2018 19:30

The StAge

Ticket for Saturday 3rd, 7:30pm, The Stage

Birds is set in a fantastical world where 2 men, Peisetairos and Euelpides, convince the world’s birds to create a celestial city, Cloudcuckooland, where birds will rule over both gods and humans. With a darker motive, Peisetairos gradually monopolises power, even turning against his companion, and the birds’ promised free world is shaped into a tyrannical society where rebellious birds are eaten by their leader…


That can’t be it. That bird’s feathers are falling off…and is that Prometheus walking around with a parasol? And why is everybody dancing?

Tickets available on the night or email: isz@ to reserve.