pr team

Launched last year, our PR Team is a new way to get involved in our events lineup. For participating students, it offers a fantastic portfoilio of some of the biggest events in St Andrews and commercial services catered for students to devise promotional campaigns around, looking great on any CV. For the wider student body, it offers another way to hear what's going on in the Union - as with so many societies, campaigns, events and the redevelopment, it can be hard to tune into what it is that you specifically care about.

Being on the PR Team can vary from web-based and social media campaigns, to being a member of our street team using flyers, freebies or creative ways to advertise. They also handle most of our event photography, documenting our big nights and society activitiy.

The PR Team forms part of our Design Team sub-committee, who create the posters for a range of societies and Union events. The PR Team then take that out to the student body. To get involved, contact prteam@

Keep an eye out for our PR Team, as they might be holding onto discounted tickets to events!