be a dj

As with so many elements of the Union, all of our DJs for our big events like The Bop, Rewind and Sinners Sport are students.

There’s more to being a DJ than that notorious scratching sound and pissing your neighbours off at house parties – being a DJ means making an event your own. No matter the theme of the event and the venue decorations and the lighting, the music always sets the tone of the event. It can make or break the event, and can change the mood completely.

Being a DJ is the definition of the perfect balance of work hard, play hard. Getting to the point where you can DJ comfortably on your own to a venue of a thousand people takes a lot of hard work and many hours, but it pays off when you play the right track at the right time and the whole crowd whoops in approval or sings along to your song. Union DJs have been known to get compliments at every event, and have even received the odd bow and thumbs-up from the crowd – when you’re a DJ, these small signs mean the world. 

So why become a DJ? If you love events and crowds and you think you’ve got the passion for music to run events – then you probably can. If you're experienced or just curious to try it out, then contact Kay (our Head DJ) at