Ents Committee

The Ents Crew is a sub-committee of the Association, which means it's an integral arm of the Union's services. This means we aren’t a society so there aren’t any membership fees. The Ents Crew is led by a committee whose responsibilities include ensuring the smooth running of the venue and training new members so don’t worry if you are a complete beginner or an experienced techie, everyone is welcome. Should you have any questions please feel free to email us (ents@). 

Head of Ents – (Lavin) Ge Tian (gt36)

Lavin is the SSC Entertainments Convener; she sits on the Student Services Council to contribute input from the point of view of both the Ents Crew and our entertainments schedule. She also chairs the Ents meetings, and is first person you should try and find if you're unsure of anything, however trivial it might seem, or if you're interested in getting involved in either the technical or non-technical aspects of Ents.

Lavin enjoys lighting events, as well as designing and decorating the venue in exciting new ways. Lavin is a third year studying Economics and International Relations.

Entertainments Space Manager - Fiona Woodhall 

The crew help societies and subcommittees run many of their events in the Union, and so Fiona's job is to look after everything that's happening in Club 601 and the bars, and make sure their events run smoothly. She'll be at the User Group meetings each week, and will assume responsibility for each group who comes along, distributing the crew as necessary and liasing with both the crew and society to ensure your event runs exactly how you want it.

Fiona is a fifth year Chemist just came back from her placement year in Swizerland. She is the "balloon extraodinaoire" with the speciality on decorations and balloons. Fiona is also the Vice Convener for RAG Week.

Performance Space Manager- Alistair Mason

Similar to Fiona, Alistair also has the reponsibilities of looking after the Performance Space, also known as the StAge. He also attends the Users Group meetings and ensures the smooth running of the events in the StAge. He has certain passion for stage shows and theatre, as well as video and films. 

Alistair is also a fifth year Chemist and just returned from his placement year. 

Events Officer – Charlotte Adams

Charlotte handles internal events we put on ourselves such as the Friday as well as creating new events. She looks after the theming and music for the club events  Charlottes regularly DJs events herself and is responsible for maintaining a list of DJs. To ensure everyone is happy she tries to allocate DJs to events that suit their interests whether that be pop and chart to deel house.

If you are interested in DJing, either new or experienced, she is the person to ask about getting involved. Charlotte is in her third year, studying Psychology. 

Technical Co-Ordinators – Angus Ireland and Ryo Yanagida

Looking after the Venue is a big job, so we have two Technical Co-Ordinators responsible for looking after all the equipment, overseeing Health&Safty and monitoring the training of new members. Between them, they know everything there is to know on our equipment, how to get the best out of the venue and have endless ideas on new toys to buy to make the events even better.

Both of them are forth year Computer Sceintiests. Angus has been involved in Ents since Freshers Week in his first year as the "keenest fresher ever". Ryo has a keen interest in music - conducting for the wind band, as well as taking an active role in the STAR committee.

Secretary – Beth Thompson

Beth is responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes workings of the crew. She takes the minutes for our Usergroups, Committee and Crew meetings, which is incredibly important to make sure that the Building Supervisor, DoES and Ents Crew are on the same page. She also creates Ents Passes, allowing entry into the venue; checking the Ents e-mail account; and managing our events schedule.

Beth is in her third year, studying Chemistry.

Social Officer – Elliott Brooks

Whilst the Crew mainly runs other societies’ social events, Elliott is responsible for organising events to give the Crew an opportunity to hold a conversation where someone isn't up a ladder. This can vary between film viewings in the StAge to Paintballing with the Union staff as well as the Christmas Dinner.

Elliott is a forth year Computer Scientist, with a passion in media. He is also involved in Mermaids' theatre productions as a technician. 

Director of Events and Services   Leon O'Rourke

Leon is the sabbatical officer who plans the big events and is the line manager for the Entertainments sub-committee. He works incredibly closely with the crew as all of the events rely on their valued efforts to expand on ideas and implement the event.