Employability Subcommittee

Subcommittee description:
The SSC Employability Committee is responsible for liaising with the Careers Centre and CAPOD, working on the intersection between learning and teaching with employability. It is chaired by the Employability Officer. It is responsible for ensuring equal opportunities for all students receiving support with employability. It is the task of the employability officer to build connections between extracurricular activity and employability skills, and to support student start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Besides the Employability Officer, the committee also includes an Outreach Officer, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer, the Director of Student Development and Activities and other invited (non-voting) representatives.

This year, the Employability Committee will have three main areas of priority.

COMMUNICATION - the committee will try to meet the challenge of effectively publicising to students the great services that the university offers regarding careers - especially the incredible work of the Careers Centre in giving CV and interview advice, building networks and advertising jobs, and of CAPOD in developing the sort of skills employers look for.
We plan to run a major advertising campaign to make more students aware of programmes like Saint Connect - and hopefully, by extension, to somewhat ease the path toward getting internships or jobs.

JOBS IN ST ANDREWS - It can be hard to find jobs in St Andrews, especially if you're a fresher, don't know much about the place, and get here to find that most available jobs have been taken before the end of the summer.
That's why we plan to bring out a pretty detailed Employability Guide over the summer, to help freshers - and anyone else - know where to look and what to look for.

We intend to work with school presidents and each department's employability rep to make sure that students at all departments get to talk to useful people and attend informative events with people who might be able to give them jobs.

Get in touch with the Employability Officer if you would like any additional information or if you have any concerns or issues you wish to discuss on fan@st-andrews.ac.uk.