Whether its pixels or paper, the Design Team is here to be the creative force working with the St Andrews community. We strive for creative cooperation with artists, photographers, web developers and designers to bring the best to every project we work on and to every workshop we teach.

The Team is here to teach design and other skills, enable designers to use their creativity, help societies and the union promote events, and foster creativity and banter. In this way, our team brings students from the traditional visual arts to the web designers, and everyone in between.

If you’ve never used Photoshop, never heard of HTML/CSS or have failed at drawing the perfect stick person but are still interested in learning more about the world of design, then please come join us! We’ll be offering classes on the basics of design, along with regular Team meeting and Office Hours, so that anyone with enthusiasm to learn can participate.

For those who already have the Design bug, then come join a community in which you can polish your skills and learn a few tricks from all sides of design. With our own little Design studio in the Union (right beside the President’s office!), there’s a space for any student to create, scan and print.

We are always looking for fresh eyes so find us at, e-mail us at, or on Facebook as University of St Andrews Design Team