Nominate a charity for 2020/21 here!

Whether you are looking for good causes, trips across Europe, a fashion show, nights out, an amazing CV builder, free wine/soft drinks, an opportunity to make a difference, an easy way to make new friends, free access to some of the biggest events in town, volunteering opportunities, a big cuddly lion or anything else in between – look no further. 

The University of St Andrews CHARITIES CAMPAIGN (USACC) is the official charitable subcommittee of the Students’ Association: every matriculated student is automatically a member. It takes nothing to come along and get involved! 

Our primary aim is to raise as much money as we possibly can for our three student nominated charities and have just as much fun in the process. Last year, we raised over £100,000 for charity and we can’t wait to watch our total rising again during this academic year.

For the 2019/2020 academic year, the student body nominated Women for Women (international charity), CALM (national charity), and The Yard Fife (local charity) as our three nominated charities! 



On top of all of the work we do with our ‘Three Noms’ we are also the funding body for all of the Union’s charitable societies – helping to hold events for many different causes.

We hold an absolute ton of EVENTS and are far from the bucket-shaking stereotype: we hitchhike across Europe with Race2, turn the town purple with RAISING AND GIVING WEEK (RAG WEEK), organise a fashion show CATWALK, and much, much more thanks to our EVENTS TEAM. We will also be holding bake sales, cloakrooms, and other events throughout the year.

Come and GET INVOLVED! There is something for everyone! Come along, get involved and make a difference.

Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the opportunities we have, or come along to our Convener Frankie's office hours every Tuesday 3-5pm in the Union Main Bar to find out more about getting involved.

Are you a society? We can help with any of your fundraising needs! Cloakroom rails, fundraising buckets, marketing and more - get in touch!

Contact Us:           - all General Charities Campaign Enquiries  - Charities Campaign Convenor's email address      - all Society enquiries, including Charitable Societies.    - all Race2 enquiries   - all RAG Week enquiries     - all CATWALK Charity Fashion Show enquiries    - all enquiries relating to use of rails or getting us to run an event cloakroom


Stay in the loop with everything the Charities Campaign gets up to on Facebook!:

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Introducing our 2019/2020 Committee!

Need to get in contact with a member of our committee? 

Email and we'll ensure the message gets to them!

Executive Committee:

  • Charities Campaign Convenor - Frankie Borderie
  • Vice Convenor - Robin Legg
  • Secretary - Abby Li
  • Treasurer - Harry Parker
  • Marketing Coordinator - Kimberley Nicol
  • Sponsorship & Development Coordinator - Lucia Guercio
  • Race2 Coordinator - Will Thompson
  • RAG Week Coordinator - Henry Parle
  • Events Team Coordinator - Amy Feakes
  • CATWALK Director - Isi Webb-Jenkins
  • Societies Coordinator - Chris Watkins
  • Halls Coordinator - Alfie Scott
  • Cloakroom Coordinator - 
  • DoSDA - Shaina Sullivan
  • Mascot, Lion and Charities ExtraordinaireRory McLion

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