SSC Performing Arts Officer

Hi! I'm Matthew and I am your Performing Arts Officer!

Hi! I'm Matthew and I am your Performing Arts Officer!

Hi Guys! I’m Matthew and I am your SSC Performing Arts Officer. My role is to facilitate the performing arts in St. Andrews and act as a representative for Mermaids and its affiliated societies at Council Meetings. Our affiliated societies are fantastic and I strongly encourage you to check them out on our website at

Theatre was my passion in high school and when I came to St. Andrews and realized how much the performing arts scene has to offer, I knew it would become my passion at university as well. My favorite part of the performing arts community in St. Andrews is how easy it is to get involved with roles that you’ve never tried before. I was always an actor in high school but since coming here I have produced, done tech and even helped with the finances for Mermaids as part of the committee. Now I have the opportunity as your Performing Arts Officer to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience with the performing arts in St. Andrews. 

As well as being the SSC Performing Arts Officer, I am also the president of Mermaids. It is incredibly easy to get involved with Mermaids in whatever capacity works for you. Whether you want to audition for every show you see, propose your own show to be put on, or just come to our socials and enjoy free wine and discuss theatre, Mermaids will be a perfect fit for you. We are always looking for new talent but more importantly we like to meet new people. I look forward to seeing you all, whether it be on the stage or off!

If you ever have any questions about Mermaids or just want to chat about your experience, feel free to email me at merpres@.