Welcome to the Shire of Caer Caledon! We're the university's medieval reenactment society. We run a variety of events including weekly fighting sessions, feasts, medieval clothes-making, and brewing!

Feel free to contact us via email (shire@) or facebook (ShireStAndrews), or ask to be added to our mailing list to be kept updated on our news and events.

We also have an instagram (shireofcaercaledon) and twitter (ShireStAndrews)!


Our Guilds:

Artisans (head: Henry Waterson)

All kinds of medieval crafting, from jewellery workshops to catapult building!

Bardic (head: Abby Schwartz)

Do you write poetry, play an instrument, or just enjoy performing? The Bardic Guild runs regular sessions to help folk to imporove their craft and, at feasts or bonfires, perform them!

Brewers (head: Scott MacDonald)

 Beer! Mead! Ale! Learn how to make the finest of brews with our experienced brewing master. A fun and versatile life skill.

Clothiers (head: Joel Browring)

Clothiers make clothes for fighting in (and just for fun) from various fabrics - we provide sewing machines, cloth and guidance, and you can make whichever articles you need. Leather-working, shoe-making and shield making sessions may also be run by the Clothiers Guild.

Cooks (head: Alyn McKeznie)

The Cooks' Guild uses authentic recipes to create medieval food, some of which may appear at our bi-semesterly feasts.

Fighters (head: Gregor Haywood)

Sessions are run by local training officers every week on the lawn behind the library; no experience or kit is needed to join in! If you are a student the £3 Shire membership fee covers insurance, although if you are not a student you need to join another re-enactment group (eg Company of St Margaret, Knights of Monymusk) in order to be covered by their insurance whilst fighting with us.

A fight beneath a cherry tree between a blue-tunic'd warrior and a white gambeson + helmet wearing challenger. Both have a sword and shield.




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