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Argentine tango is nothing like the theatrics and head snaps you see on the likes of Strictly Come Dancing. It is a relaxed, social dance in which you learn how to improvise and how to lead and follow, so that you may dance with any stranger you meet. There are no pre-set steps, every dance is unique. Tango is also a great way to socialise - there is a tango scene in just about every city in the world. Follow the links below to see some of what Tango is about.

At STAARTANGO (St Andrews Argentine Tango Society) you can benefit from our members' great teaching, but also a variety of opportunities to attend workshops and social events in St Andrews and further afield. We are a very welcoming and sociable society, so come along and give it a go!


Meet the Committee:

President - Melissa Iacovidou

I decided to give Argentine Tango a shot because of a friend who insisted that it is awesome! I never thought I would like dancing with a partner, but it turns out that my friend was right. I have been dancing other styles for many years, including hip-hop, african reggaeton, house, and even ballet (for just a few months...), but I would have to say, tango is by far my favourite!

Vice President Tatiana Pavlidou

In early 2014, before the society was created, fate brought me to an argentine tango class. Never having danced before, I, of course, went there thinking I can just go once and never return back. But its underlying concept of connection, the combination of creativity with small size structure, along with its lovely music and welcoming people, not only kept me but also made me decide to become the society's first secretary. I am dancing ever since, and I am eager to help in keeping this lovely society alive.


Treasurer - Elizaveta Mochalova

For a long time, I have been carrying a wish to try partner dances. Tango seemed a very attractive but too complex and overly passionate dance. St Andrews changed everything in less than a year! Argentine tango teaches to be yourself and express yourself while maintaining the connection with another human being. It teaches understanding. This dance is a beautiful tandem of two universes. It is thoughtful and joyful, responsible and tender. It is worth feeling. The community of our society is very friendly and creative! We have members who come from an amazing variety of backgrounds and are very passionate about what they do. There is something very special about Argentine tango and the people who dance it. Come and feel your place within this world!

Secretary - Hao Zeng

It was a few years ago when I encountered Tango for the first time, and truly captivated by the arts and music of performers in the streets of Buenos Aires, I am glad to finally have had the opportunity to take up this beautiful dance for myself this year (2016). A long way from being good at it, but it certainly is the best fun dancing with the loveliest bunch of people.

Social Officer - Sasha Brytova

I've started dancing tango in 2017, but I fell for it instantly. Tango charms me with the simplicity of its moves and yet such a deep sense. The tango society is like any other group within the university, with its unique atmosphere, which can't let you stay aside.

Curriculum Officer - Irma Gyory

Started dancing in 2014 (previously Treasurer & President) and now in limerence with the sense of connection you can develop with a dance partner. While either leading or following I aspire to be finely aware of my dance partner and for all involved to create a (hopefully) happy memory, regardless of whether the dance itself is quiet or exuberant. The St Andrews scene is remarkably welcoming to newcomers and I remain grateful to be part of a community of kind, creative and dedicated dancers and teachers. Other interests include reading (science fiction, sociology, any new and interesting information) and listening to music. Currently doing a BSc Mathematics and interested in pursuing Computer Science.

Member - Rana Abdul Razzak

I am a chemistry PhD student. I love sports in general and running in particular. I started enjoying tango ever since I noticed how it can beautifully complement different types of sports. It helps in finding balance, so as yoga, and intertwines with pilates in strengthening core muscles. On top of that, the connection that dynamically flows on the dance floor is like a cleansing ritual that releases tension and stress that builds up during the course of our studies. Most importantly, the atmosphere is warm, friendly and inviting. So, what's not to love. 

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Philipp Liehm - I started dancing tango in 2009 and taught with Ewa since 2013 until 2016 in St Andrews. Like many other tango dancers I am in love with the connection two strangers create between each other and the music within seconds and often only for minutes. I am a playful dancer aiming to interpret and dance with the music both as a leader and a follower. Teaching in St Andrews is one of the most inspiring experiences for me as I haven’t found as many committed and at the same time friendly/warm people in any other place.
Ewa Bieniecka - Together with Philipp, we started dancing and teaching in St Andrews in 2013, subsequently founding STAARTANGO. My own adventure with Argentine tango dates back to 2010 and to one impressively stubborn Mexican who tricked me into practicing with him (thank you, Julio!). What I absolutely love about this dance is the unique connection which you develop while dancing - even with a total stranger. In both my leading and following, my focus is on technique and precision, which go hand in hand with self-expression. Members of St Andrews' tango scene constantly amaze me with their creativity, openness, and enthusiasm - I feel privileged to be one of them!


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