The Azerbaijan Society of University of St Andrews is a union-affiliated society, dedicated to promoting and celebrating Azerbaijani culture, history, music and cuisine in Scotland.

Welcome to University of St Andrews Azerbaijan Society! 

Geographically located at the border of Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan bridges ancient civilizations of the East and the West.

The Azerbaijan Society of University of St Andrews have the following aims:

• To bring together students of the University of St Andrews interested in Azerbaijani culture, language, history and cuisine.

• To promote communication and cooperation between all students interested in Azerbaijan by organizing educational, cultural and traditional events.

• To help members integrate into university life, by broadening their network of friends and relationships with other societies.



Aslan Shikhaliyev - The founder and Honorable Chairman of the Azerbaijan Society of University of St Andrews

''Six talented students from the University founded The Azerbaijan Society of University of St Andrews. While we may not remain at St Andrews forever, we have left a permanent mark of our presence here and hope that new generations will pick up, continue and bring the society to new heights. These students were Murad Abdulla, Riad Ibadulla, Huseyn Sultanli, Rasul Bakhshaliyev, Sanan Mammadzada AND Aslan Shikhaliyev.''

''Let the ship of AZSA always have the chart and compass to guide the society through the wide sea of truth and knowledge. The time has come to accord these great intentions of ours with the dignity and respect and strive towards making our endeavour echo for the years to come.''